Why Naples

March 8, 2019

Naples is alive, Naples is authentic.


Naples sends you emotions, it fills your soul.

Naples leaves you something inside, that will always remain inside you.

It fills your senses, it fills your mind with a memory that will no longer go away.

When you leave, you will also be part of the city, you will also be a little Neapolitan.

Visiting Naples is an experience that goes beyond tourism, it is an experience to be done at least once in life so as not to remain with the regret of not having lived , even if for a few days, in one of the most vibrant, real and fascinating cities in the world.

You can not miss this opportunity.

If you've sometimes thought that all European cities are starting to get similar, you should spend some time in Naples, which is like no other place on Earth.

In a few lines I have already given you considerable reasons for running, not coming, but literally running to visit Naples.

Naples is Naples.

And believe me if I tell you that you can not compare.

There are no comparisons.

Naples is unique!

The city is able to immerse yourself in a local experience, genuine in its being.

The emotional aspect is definitely the most important plus, but Naples is not just pathos this: describing it just like that would make us fall into folklore.

Come to Naples because it satisfies your every need:

Do you love history? Come to Naples because you will be immersed in 28 centuries of history just walking through the streets and the alleys of the Historical Center of Naples. UNESCO World Heritage, with its archaeological treasures, its cluster of glorious palaces, castles and churches the most impressive in the world.

Do you love nature? Come to Naples because you can visit the Vesuvius National Park, an active and unique volcano as part of the city. Millions of people live at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, and this is certainly a unique experience of its kind.

Do you love archeology? Come to Naples because you can visit the Pompeii excavations, Oplontis, the Campi Flegrei and the excavations of Ercolan

Do you love the sea? Come to Naples because the city offers a enchanting sea , but especially in its Gulf there are three wonderful islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Do you love walking? Together with Paris, Naples has given meaning to the definition of "flaneur", the walk through the walk, to admire and enjoy the human landscape of life.

Do you love to look at landscapes, lose yourself looking at the horizon? Naples offers you a unique panorama: the gulf, Vesuvius. But not only. A few kilometers away you will find the Sorrento Coast and the Amalfi Coast with unforgettable landscapes that will remain in your heart and mind forever.

Do you love eating ? Naples is the epicenter of culinary culture in Italy. Centuries of culinary knowledge will fill the palate of flavors throughout the day: from coffee, to pasta, to fresh fish, to go to the famous pizza to desserts and street food among the most exquisite that you can ever try. / p>

Naples gives you everything, it fills your senses.

We are waiting for you.

What are you waiting for?

Come, live, love!