Visit Naples with your family

So, you've decided to visit Naples with your family? Great, because Naples is perfect for a family getaway. Can you think of anything better than spending time with your children in a city that has both the sea and an active volcano? As a father, my suggestion is that you find hotels offering large rooms, or perhaps several rooms, so that everybody in the family can have his/her own space.

If you are traveling with teenagers, I recommend you choose to visit the cultural side of the city of Naples. From ancient Pompeii and Ercolano to the Greek Phlegrean Fields. Instead, if you are traveling with infants, I would like to give you some personal recommendations, from handy tips regarding flights to how to make the most of your visit to the city.

I am a father of two toddlers, so I know what it means to travel with them and how changeling it can be.

Traveling to Naples with Children

If you're coming from across the world to Naples it's best to be prepared. Are there offers for children or toddlers? What are some important things to remember when you fly? Keep reading my suggestions below, and don’t worry about a thing!

Flying with Newborns and Toddlers

Flying with a newborn is always a challenge, especially if it is a long flight. The airlines require full price airfare if you book a seat for your babies. Instead, if you were to hold him/her on your knees for the duration of the flight, the ticket would cost about 10% less than the standard rate.

Special Spots for Newborns and Toddlers

Each airline has different regulations in regard to seating families with young children. Some airlines have what they call bulkhead seats on which a bassinet can be attached–an easier and comfier way to travel with a baby. Unfortunately, it is not easy is to book this kind of seating. My suggestion is to call the company immediately after booking. Even if they're not able to give you one of these special seats, I suggest going to the airport as soon as possible to try once again.

Consider that these child supports have a maximum weight of about 20 lbs (10 kilos). The policy for families with children can vary greatly between the various companies. Waiting in line with a baby in your arms can be very stressful. Also keep in mind that once onboard the plane, you may have to store your children's stuff far away from your seat if the nearby compartments are already filled.

Feeding your Children During the Flight

On most flights you can find a special menu for children, and you can even request it when you book the flight. If your baby is still nourished only on milk, it is better just in case of possible delays. Keep in mind that it is possible to heat the milk on the plane. If you are still breastfeeding your child, schedule the feeding. After you land, it could take a lot of time before finding the best place to breastfeed or heat the milk, so it's better to give the last feeding near the end of the flight.

Connection from the Airport to the Hotel

If you decide to take a shuttle bus or a taxi from the airport to the hotel, it's important to know that it's required by law to have a child seat for the car. Another option is to book a private transfer from the airport where you can book a child seat for an additional cost.

Flying with Children Between the Ages of 2 to 12

If your baby is older than two years old, you must book a seat for your child. The price of the ticket is exactly the same as if you were to book it for an adult. If you are, for example, a family of three, in order to avoid being seated apart, check the seating map before booking. There is no guarantee that they wont change your seats once on the airplane, but at least you had tried to prepare yourself in advance! It's also a good idea to let children play in the airport. Some people may object that the airport is not a playground, but, in my opinion, it's fine if your kids respect others and the place where they are playing. Let them play, and they'll probably be calmer once they're on the plane.

Onboard Activities for your Children

Most international flights have TV screens for watching cartoons and playing some video games. This is not the time to tell your kids that watching too much TV is a bad thing! If there are no TV screens, my suggestion is to use a tablet where your children can play and watch cartoons. Perhaps you can read a book together or make a small puzzle. Moreover, it's always a good idea to tell your kids the things you will do once you arrive at your destination.

Sleeping on the Flight

International flights can be really long, and your children or infants will surely sleep for a couple of hours. It's not that tricky to make a small bed in front of your seat with a pillow and some jackets. The air turbulence, however, may wake them up. It is always a good idea to bring a second pair of socks with you, so your children can take their shoes off. I saw kids with really big pillow. I would never do that, but it seemed really comfortable.

Try not to Bother other Passengers

Some of the most disturbing things for your fellow passengers are feeling your children kick their seats and hearing the loud music coming from your tablet. I suggest always carrying earphones with you and telling your children not to kick the other passengers' seats. I always ask the passengers around me to tell me if they start becoming upset with the behavior of my kids. In this case their reaction is always positive and kind and if the situation start to get stressful they handle the noise with more calm and without and attitude.

  • I recommend you to speak briefly with the people in the seats in front of and behind you, explaining that you will do everything possible to keep the children calm. Most people react well and will thus not be annoyed if the child is crying during the flight.