The pizzerias

It is the sign of the power of Naples through its art, its culture, its traditions, its roots, its creativity, its his fantasy: pizza. Are you in Naples, home of pizza, and will you ask? Where can I eat an excellent Neapolitan pizza? I offer you a selection of the best places to enjoy the famous Neapolitan dish, part of the city's cultural heritage and beyond:

Neapolitan pizza is UNESCO's cultural heritage.

Neapolitan dish par excellence that can not be renounced during a visit - short or long - in the Neapolitan city, pizza is for everyone the effects are a fundamental stage of the tours to discover the monumental, historical, natural and culinary beauties of the Campania capital.

In the city streets, the fragrance of freshly baked pizzas and the scent of typical Neapolitan sweets come together in an irresistible mix of smells. It is therefore possible to stop in one of the pizzerias in the historic center, perhaps for a stop for lunch before continuing to visit museums, churches and palaces historians. Or, you can head towards the seafront. Here, a few steps from the center, the taste of the pizza will magically unite to the light and inebriating scent of saltiness and you will have before your eyes the enchanting view of the sea, of the Vesuvius and of the Castel dell'Ovo.

The ten best pizzerias in Naples

Camminando camminando. In addition to the classic pizzas to be enjoyed at the tables of many pizzerias and restaurants, there are pizzas "To portfolio", to be tasted strictly standing, standing or crossing the charming squares and alleys of the city. If you are not in company, you will not feel alone, the human warmth of Naples will overwhelm you.

Choosing the place to stop is not easy, since in Naples it is possible to eat a good pizza anywhere. However, I suggest a selection of the best pizzerias to try, some of which differ for some historical and culinary features.

Pizzeria Starita a Materdei, since 1901

Located at Via Materdei 27, easily reachable by underground line 1, is one of the most popular historical pizzerias in the city, also famous for hosting the filming of L'Oro di Napoli. Among the specialties, the little angels and the fried and baked montanara.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

master pizza makers in the heart of Naples since 1870. Located in Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3, known as the "sacred temple of pizza", is a fundamental stop for those who choose tradition. The pizzeria offers two varieties of pizza, marinara or margherita, in compliance with the directions of the founder Michele Condurro. The use of natural ingredients and the ancient method of leavening pasta have contributed to making Michele's pizza famous.

Sorbillo, from 1935

Outside the restaurant, located in Via dei Tribunali 32, in the heart of the historical center, daily lines of inhabitants and tourists are formed waiting for its pizzas characterized by the breadth and light dough characterized by the use of sourdough. The pizzeria has also opened a branch in via Partenope 1, where you can enjoy pizza in front of the sea.

Di Matteo, since 1936

Located in Via dei Tribunali 94, among the most famous historical places of the city of Naples, it is also an excellent fry. The restaurant receives a continuous influx of customers and is famous for the genuineness and high quality of its ingredients that characterize and make their pizzas special.

Oliva Concettina ai tre santi, since 1951

It is located in the heart of the Sanità district (via Arena alla Sanità, 7 bis), among the oldest neighborhoods of Naples, rich in history and archeology. In the neighborhood there are the famous Paleochristian Catacombs, the Fontanelle Cemetery and ancient Baroque style buildings. The pizzeria of Ciro Oliva stands in front of the votive shrine of three saints, hence the name of the pizzeria founded by Concettina Oliva, great-grandmother of the young Ciro. Quality and refinement characterize i ngredients that come from organic crops such as the San Marzano PDO tomato.

La figlia del presidente, since 1994

Located in the city center, in via del Grande Archivio 23/24, it was founded by Felice Messina and Maria Cacialli, daughter of Ernesto, a famous pizza chef who became famous for bringing the then US president Bill Clinton into his pizzeria. With particular attention to tradition, the restaurant offers, in addition to the classic pizzas, an excellent fryer. Among the specialties to taste, the fried calzone and the filling dedicated to Ernesto. The pizzeria uses genuine products of Campania origin carefully chosen.

Acunzo, since 1964

Historical place of the Vomero district, located in Via Domenico Cimarosa 60/62, a few steps from the underground and the funicular, is characterized by the accuracy of the ingredients and for a family welcome. In addition to pizza, it is possible to taste excellent Italian-style fry and other traditional Neapolitan dishes.

Gorizia, since 1916

Another historic pizzeria in the upper district of the city, located in Via G. Bernini 29/31. Respect of the tradition and quality of the ingredients qualify the Gorizia DOC pizzas. The restaurant is also a restaurant where you can taste typical products of the Campania cuisine.

Attilio, since 1938

Located in via Pignasecca 17, in one of the most popular and characteristic central districts of the city, the pizzeria is familiar and welcoming. Among Attilio's specialties, there are the pizza Carnevale, in the shape of the sun with the filling of ricotta, the pizza Giardiniera or "Malvano", with mixed seasonal vegetables, Pizza Attilio with 9 flavors. You can also try traditional Neapolitan dishes.

La Notizia

A passion family's. Located in Via Caravaggio 53 and 94, it is known for the use of quality products and the skill of Enzo Coccia and its juggling tradition and innovation. The News is also reported in the Michelin Guide as a quality cuisine.