The confectioneries in Naples

Naples is not only the city of the sea and the sun, but also of sweets. Neapolitan pastry is considered a real art, a vocation, an important part of the city's history and tradition. From the sfogliatella to the pastiera, from the babà to the struffoli ... there are many Neapolitan sweets so sought after and appreciated by tourists too. But how to choose the best pastry? It's not easy! This is because in Naples, in reality, there is no queen pastry, everyone has his favorite depending on the taste or the chosen dessert. To make the venture less difficult, here is a list of the city's most famous historic patisseries.

Antico forno Fratelli Attanasio

Address: Vico Ferrovia, 1/2/3/4

Obligatory stop for those who want to taste one of the best curly and frolle sfogliatelle of the city. Located a stone's throw from the central station, the Antico Forno was inaugurated in 1930 by his grandfather Vincenzo and his grandmother Carmela Fabbrocino, awarded with a diploma with a gold medal. The laboratory produces daily, at an incessant rate, hot and fragrant puff pastries, which are either sold to individual customers or exported all over the world. There is no time of day when there are no kilometers of files at the counter, but waiting is worth it.


Address: Via Toledo, 275

It is one of the oldest pastry shops in Naples. Founded in 1785, Pintauro is called the "Casa della Sfogliatella". It is a small shop that is handed down from generation to generation, a single recipe and a single choice: the sfogliatella riccia or the sfogliatella frolla. Born as a tavern, in 1818 it was transformed into a laboratory that produces the most delicious sfogliatelle of the city.

Pasticceria Poppella

Address: Via Arena Alla Sanità, 24 - Via Santa Brigida, 69/70

Located in the Sanità district, it is one of the historic Neapolitan patisseries: its laboratory opened its doors in 1920. In recent times it has had a new big success thanks to its fantastic "snowflakes": it is brioche filled with cream based of cream, with variations to strawberries, pistachio and gianduia. Thousands of flakes are baked every day and sold to Healthcare and in the new store, opened in the area via Toledo, in 2016. Citizens and tourists are willing to make long lines and wait a few hours to taste this small delicacy. A true goodness that has made the Pastry Poppella even more famous, already well known in the city for the other excellent desserts that produces like the artisan doves, the nougat and the zeppole di San Giuseppe. And now the latest arrival: Totó's Bombetta (sponge cake with yogurt, filled with snow flakes and chocolate coating) ... a real goodness to try now!

Pasticceria Giovanni Scaturchio

Addresses: P.zza San Domenico, 19 - Via L.Giordano, 79 - Piazza Amedeo 4/5 - Piazza Trieste e Trento

Craft workshop since 1905, the Scaturchio pastry shop is known by any tourist who arrives in the city. The quantity of sweets offered is wide and varied. Its flagship is the Ministerial: a medallion covered with dark chocolate, invented at the beginning of the last century by the first founder, whose recipe is still secret. It is known that the filling is a cream of ricotta, fruit and hazelnut, enriched by the liqueur. Scaturchio is also famous for the giant baba in the shape of Vesuvius that exhibits in its three locations. Do not miss the sfogliatelle, the pastiera and the Capri pies.


Address: Via Casanova, 97

It is one of the most famous pastry shops in Naples for over two centuries. Founded in 1834 near Porta Capuana (the only location still today), it is called "La bottega della sfogliatella" (one of the best in the city). Fantastic also the babà, soft and tasty, and all the desserts of the Neapolitan culinary tradition such as pastiere, capresi and lobster tails.

L di Leopoldo Infante

Addresses: Via L. Giordano, 45 - Via Scarlatti, 168 - Via V. Colonna - Via Toledo, 8 - Via Benedetto Croce, 30/31

From the ancient tradition of the Neapolitan tarallari to the modern cafebar. Yes, because the historic Leopoldo of via Foria, famous for its taralli 'nzogna and pepper, wanted to give life to some local pastry shops with different locations in the city. "L di Leopoldo Infante" offers a great variety of traditional sweets and revisited in a modern way. Among the most famous are the sfogliatelle, the pastiere, the zeppolone with strawberries and chantilly cream, and the new creations like the Trilogy with white, dark and milk chocolate. Among the most original there is also the babbasone: it is a glass with inside layers of babà alternating with creams of different flavors and fruit.

Pasticceria Colmayer

Address: Via P. Giannone, 16/17 Angolo S. Attanasio

Founded in 1989 in the Neapolitan district of San Lorenzo, the Colmayer confectionery mixes the culinary avant-garde of master confectioners working in the laboratory. From their incessant intertwining come to life sweets, cakes, mignon and rustic of the most varied types, which have in common each other raw materials of the highest quality. While the Colmayer confectionery looks reverently at the confectioner's tradition, on the other hand looks with curiosity at innovation: the greatest example of this combination is the Via Col Vento (sweet choux tarallini sprinkled with sugar grains or creams), become, for over twenty years, an integral part of the Neapolitan Sunday customs. Today they are the main reason for the long queues outside the club. Among the other desserts not to be missed are also the sfogliatelle, the chocolate mushrooms and those typical of the festivities, including roccocò, mostaccioli and zeppole di San Giuseppe.

Antica pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia

Address: Via O.Fragnito, 82 - P.zza Muzii, 27/28 - Via Giacomo Leopardi, 158 - Internal Capodichino Airport

Traversed from Palermo to Naples in 1925, the Bellavia pastry shop is famous throughout the city for its cassates and Sicilian cannoli. Here the specialties of Sicily are based on the Neapolitan ones giving life to new fantastic creations. Among the most famous there is the "panna al caffè" (a sponge cake soaked in coffee, with drops of nugatine and enriched with coffee cream), Mont Blanc (meringue, cream and marron glacé) and the Torta Rosch ( grains of Piedmont hazelnuts and chocolate). In addition, the regional specialties are also available to the most curious palates, the result of the collaborations that Lucio Bellavia has made with the best colleagues in various Italian cities: singular is that for panettone.

Pasticceria Capparelli

Address: Via dei Tribunali, 327

In the city it is known for its fantastic Babà. There are the normal and the giant ... nice also the single portions to various tastes, such as those with wild flowers. Salvatore Capparelli's Babà is made with raw material of the highest quality and respecting the Neapolitan tradition. With 3 leavings it is a truly unique product. Not only Babà, however: his Santa Rosa, accompanied by one of the lightest cream in the city, is among the best in circulation.

Gay Odin

Address: Via Vetriera, 12 - Via V. Colonna, 15

If you are fond of chocolate, you can not miss the delights of Gay Odin. Here passion and dedication, skill and respect for traditions come together to offer chocolate lovers products with an enveloping and exclusive taste. If you go from here you can not miss the Forest (branches of milk chocolate hand-made that melt in your mouth), the flagship product of the centenary Neapolitan company, handcrafted. But also the Vesuvi Gay Odin: an explosion of unique and refined taste.