Street food in Naples

The culture of food in Naples comes from the poor people who lived the whole day around the city, so the Neapolitan cuisine is full of recipes and dishes perfect to be eaten on the street.

The Street Food is ideal for those who want to spend a little and want to spend much of their time visiting the city. An experience that I recommend everyone to do because living in Naples is also eating on the street!

Below the typical dishes of Neapolitan Street Food that you can eat where you want.

Il Cuoppo

Abundant, often fried and almost always based on carbohydrates: in Naples and its surroundings these are the main characteristics of street food. And the first gluttony not to be missed is the cuoppo, not surprisingly considered the prince of Neapolitan street food. It is a paper bag in the shape of a cone and filled with every possible fried delicacy (from fish to mozzarella, from meat to vegetables), to be consumed instead of lunch or dinner but also as an aperitif. The important thing is that the fried food is dry enough to be eaten with your hands without getting too tired.

Fried pizza

Born after World War II to fight the crisis (at the time the city lacked everything and even normal pizza was almost a luxury) fried pizza is now sold almost everywhere. Made with the traditional pizza dough, folded half-moon and then fried, it can be filled with ricotta and cicoli or "complete", and should be eaten strictly hot, just drained from oil and wrapped in a sheet of straw paper.

La pizza a portafoglio

The pizza is born in the street, but being able to eat it without getting completely dirty while walking is practically impossible. Hence the Neapolitan idea of pizza "to portfolio" or "to booklet": that is, a pizza slightly smaller than normal and with a less thick paste, which can be folded on itself and closed like a wallet, so as to be easily consumed around.

La montanara

At first glance it seems only a smaller version of the fried pizza, in fact the mountain has a softer dough and are seasoned with fresh tomato sauce, grated cheese, basil and sometimes mozzarella.

La frittatina di Maccheroni

There is no rotisserie or fryer in the city where you can not taste this specialty, definitely not suitable for those on a diet. It is in fact a disc of dough about 8-10 cm high, filled with béchamel, peas, cooked ham and provola and covered with batter, then fried in oil.

Pasta cresciuta

These fried and puffy bites are made of water and flour and can be prepared in the natural way or filled with fish (usually anchovies), salami and vegetables (such as pumpkin flowers). Yummy alone, you can also enjoy together with other famous Neapolitan fried.

O’ Per’ e o’ muss

Dish poor, derived from the popular tradition of not throwing anything away, the "foot and muzzle" is prepared with the foot of pork and the snout of the calf. Once boiled and cooled, the ingredients are cut into small pieces and served cold, seasoned with salt and lemon juice.

Tarallo sugna e pepe

An undisputed and inimitable delight of the Neapolitan culinary heritage: the taralli nzogna and pepe. Roundish, dark, studded with almonds, they are typical of the Neapolitan hinterland. Born in the eighteenth century to feed the poorest, the bakers did not throw away anything, they used until the end also the scrape, that is the leavened dough in surplus, to which they added the "nzogna" and pepper in large quantities. And almonds? Well, they were only added in the nineteenth century.