Smoking in Naples

In Naples smoking is a widespread practice as in the rest of Italy. So if you are particularly fond of your daily dose of nicotine you will not have big problems, but remember to respect the rules and that there are some limitations.

Non-smoking areas in Naples

In Naples smoking is always prohibited in more areas. Smoking is forbidden on public transport, in restaurants and museums for example. But also in private cars and in parks.

On the road there are no large boundaries, so you can smoke while walking reminding you always to have the good attention not to annoy those around you if you are in crowded places.

Where to smoke in Naples

I bet you're wondering: but then I can smoke in Naples and, if so, where? You are allowed to smoke in private homes. You can light a cigarette even in the street. You will often see people smoking outside offices and bars. In some rooms that have outdoor and outdoor spaces it is possible to smoke, while some hotels offer smoking rooms. Always remember, even if you are on the street, not to annoy the people around you

Price of cigarettes in Naples

If you want to buy cigarettes you can do it safely in the city. Prices range between € 5.40 and € 4.40 for a pack of 20 cigarettes.