Shopping in Naples

Naples is perfect for those who love shopping because is a city where it is possible to find side by side renewed luxury shops and really affordable shops for every pocket. Here, you will find all the tips on how to do shopping in Naples.


Chiaia neighborhood

The Chiaia district is the area nicknamed “The good Naples”, as it is a rich, luxurious district of the city, for this reason is often frequented by famous people, footballers or models. The shopping streets are: Via Dei Mille, via Filangeri, Via Carlo Parker and via Calabritto.

Luxury shops in Naples

In this district you could find brands like: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Bulgari, Mont Blanc, Moncler, Cartier, Armani, Michael Kors and many more. In addition to the great signatures, here you can find the oldest ateliers in Neapolitan fashion.

Here are the most famous ateliers:


Marinella is a workshop located on Chiaia St. Dating back to 1914 it produces top quality ties. The founder of the workshop was Eugenio Marinella, who initially produced shirts. Currently, the ties of Marinella are famous all over the world and the brand has outlets also abroad.


Tramontano boutique manufactures handmade leather handbags from 1865. This shop offers a selection of unique products, suitable for every need, for both men and women. Many celebrities buy in this shop because of the quality.

Kilo Shop Napoli

The Kilo shop is a shop recently opened and with cheap prices. It’s located in via Chiaia and its characteristic is that you will pay what you purchase by the weight, as if they were fruits or vegetables.

You can even buy designer clothes, but no matter the brand you will pay everything depending on the weight of your purchases, even if you do not reach the kilo. For example if the customer want to buy a silk shirt of the value of €30, he would not pay it €30 but by its weight.

PK by Paskal

PK is a shop located in Dei Mille Street and it was founded in 1956 by Pasquale Campanile, member of a family already established in the field of footwear, leather goods and clothing. The name is own its own a guarantee of quality. Here, you can buy high quality Italian shoes and find a wide range of luxury shoes produced by the great internationally renowned brands. Also in this shop you can also buy accessories: bags, belts, hats and much more.

Vomero District

One of the main shopping streets in this area is Scarlatti St. which starts from the Metro stop of Vanvitelli and arrives in Luca Giordano St. In the district Vomero you also want to stop to visit the Antignano market, famous for its food and craft shops and especially charming during Christmas time.

Where to grab something to eat or drink in the Vomero District

Another characteristic of the neighborhood is the amount of restaurant, ice-cream places and café for a delicious stop while shopping. For an ice-cream in particular you must stop at: Mennella, Casa Infante, Soave o Fantasia Gelato, all of them really popular in the Campania Region.

Instead, for an Italian “aperitivo”you must try:

The Azar Cafè, with a beautiful quite garden

The bar Merliani, with its great English garden immerse in a romantic setting

The Vanvitelli café, the best spot for a real iItalian coffee

The Dolce Vita cafe, the perfect spot for an hot coco

The Gelè, perfect if you’re craving a shake with several topping

Corso Umberto I

Corso Umberto is the road that connects Naples main Railway Station to Bovio Square. Shopping on the Rettifilo is the best choice for anyone who has planned a tour of the old Town and wants to save a few hours for himself before or after visits to museums.


Here, you find the most popular stores chain like Yamamay, Stradivarius, Kiko and many more anonymous shops with affordable prices.

Eet and Drink

Corso Umberto is close to the historical old town, so walking there means spotting several coffee shop and typical restaurants. Not far away you can also visit the New Castle.


Toledo Street

Toledo St connects Dante Square to Plebiscito Square is a perfect street for shopping. Its strategic location makes it crowded, especially by tourists. In Toledo St you can find the big commercial chains and famous shops from all over the world but with moderate prices and accessible to all, like Victoria’s secrets, the Disney Store, H&M, Alcott, Bershka, Pull and Bear and many others.

Where to grab a bite in the neighborhood

Here you can find the most famous ice cream parlors in Naples, like Mennella and Casa Infante that make homemade gelato. Moreover here is located Gay Odin, one of the oldest ice-cream place in the city, famous especially for its chocolate.

Gay Odin

Gay Odin is one of the oldest and most renowned chocolate place (cioccolateria in Italian) in the city. Anyone who comes to Naples should absolutely taste their products especially the chocolate “forest”. A treat made by milk chocolate, characterized by very thin chocolate leaves joined together to form a single piece, which vaguely reminds a tree trunk, from which it takes its name: “Forest”. As today you can also taste the Forest in a dark chocolate version. Furthermore, you can book a tour of the Chocolate Factory, where you can peek into the making of the chocolate products.

How to get to Toledo Street

Reach Toledo Street is very simple: you can take the metro line number 1, direction Toledo. The road is close to traffic so you can walk freely with children and strollers.

Naples historical center: shopping for handcraft and antique trades

In the city center you can visit the fantastic market of Saint Gregory the Armenian Market where all year around you can find the famous nativy scenes statues. Also, you will find unique souvenir for your home that you could not find someplace else. A really unique area that you don’t want to miss when you are in Naples.

Dell'Epomeo Street

Epomeo Street is a more suburb area where you can find all the low cost shops that you are looking for. The road can be compared to a big market, where you can find market’s goods like accessories, shoes, home accessories, men's clothing or women's clothing.

How to get to Dell'Epomeo Street

Via Epomeo is located in the Soccavo district and the easiest way to reach this area is with the Circumflegrea, a train that start from the Montesanto area and leads to the suburbs areas.

  • Be very patient, often the train is late due to the many stops it has to make. If by any chance the train should be announced to be cancelled, don’t despair, there will always be the next train.
  • Often the train is very busy, so arm yourself with patience. It won't take long to get there.
  • In summer do not forget to have with you a manual fan, the train is not equipped with air conditioner. Often in Naples the temperatures are very high and if the train it’s crowded, the heat could be a problem
  • The last train ride is at 9:00PM, so if you decide to visit this area in the late afternoon remember to schedule your return with the train schedule.

Shopping outside Naples

La Reggia Designer Outlet


The name pays homage to the wonderful Royal Palace of Caserta, that is located a few kilometers from there. The outlet is one of the largest in Campania and has more than 100 multi-brand and one-brand shops that makes it the perfect place to spend a full day of shopping, looking for great deals and the best prices.

Shops and Big brands

At the Reggia Outlet you can find discounts from 30% to 70%. In addition to these discounts you can find special promotions and temporary occasions that will allow you to save even more.

The most famous brand that you can purchase here are: Trussardi, Cavalli, Versace, Nike, Yamamai, Timberland, Polo Ralph Lauren, Liu Jo, Hermont & Blaine, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Guess, Armani, Michael Kors, Ferretti and many more.


The Reggia Outlet offers many useful services to all visitors:

  • Free Map — you can request you copy on-site or consult the Outlet's map online
  • Multilingual customer Service — customer service is located at the entrance of the mall
  • ATM
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hair Salon — a beauty center that deals with the well being of the customers. They will take care not only of your hair
  • Tailoring service — for any need or modification on any purchased items you can go to “Mr Sewing” which in a few minutes will make everything you bought perfect to be worn
  • Electric car recharge service — in the parking lot is placed a column where you can recharge your electric cars
  • Mobile charging station — you can recharge your phone anytime you need at the information office
  • Services for the disabled — the outlet is fully equipped for people with disability and it is possible to request a wheelchair at the information office
  • Playground for children — there is an area equipped with colorful slides and tunnels
  • Playground for children — there is an area equipped with colorful slides and tunnels
  • Playground for children — there is an area equipped with colorful slides and tunnels
  • Playground for children — there is an area equipped with colorful slides and tunnels
  • Playground for children — there is an area equipped with colorful slides and tunnels

More Shopping Centres


The Cilento Outlet Village is a shopping mall located in the Cilento area where you can find retailers of major Italian brands and international brand names. All products are sold with discounts up to 70% allowed by direct sales and marketing of surpluses and inventories of the main stores. The quality of the products is optimal because it is constantly checked in order not to ruin the brand image. If you planned a trip to the Cilento you cannot miss this spot.

Shops and Big brands

At the Cilento Outlet Village you will find discounts from 30% to 70%, as well as the unmissable starting prices of various products and promotions. Here you can find great clothing brands, accessories, household items, cosmetics but also restaurants and bars in where to take a relaxing break.

Among the shops are: Alcott, Benetton, Bialetti, Bugatti, Freddy, Geox, Golden Point, Harmont & Blaine, Kappa, Liu Jo, Marlboro, Latin rascal, Surf, Nike, Puma, Primigi, Timberland, Yamamay and many more.


The Cilento Outlet Village offers many useful services to all visitors:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • ATM
  • Nursery — Bathrooms equipped with comfortable changing tables for mothers with newborns
  • Courtesy Umbrellas — If it rains you can borrow courtesy umbrellas at the info point, with your ID
  • Courtesy wheelchair — You can borrow a courtesy wheelchair at the info point
  • Courtesy stroller — You can borrow a courtesy stroller at the info point, with your ID
  • Cell Recharge — You can ask the info point to safely make a charge to your mobile phone
  • Playground — for entertaining the youngest there are two reserved areas: one inside and one outside the mall. The inside area is a play area reserved for children aged 3 to 7 equipped with inflatable, playground, trampoline and tables for educational activities. It is also possible to take advantage of an entertainment service for one hour, after registration on the spot. The open space is fenced and equipped with slides, swings and other fun games.
What to do nearby

The Cilento Outlet is located in the heart of the Cilento. Together with the day of shopping you can plan a trip to the wonders of Cilento, as in the characteristic town of Agropoli or with a visit to the ruins of Paestum and the small village of Castellabate. Otherwise you can decide to discover the marvelous promontory of Palinuro and the ancient village of Policastro. The Cilento is also known for its food and the Mediterranean diet. Here is produced the best oil in Europe and the best mozzarella in the world.


The Resina market dates back to the first years of the post-war period and is held in Herculaneum every day of the week, including Sundays. Lovers of vintage cannot skip this spot. Here you can find vintage clothes of all kinds, designer clothes, furs, authentic jewelry and costume jewelry, hats, shoes, and handbags. There are also dresses dating back to the Second World War, military uniforms, theatrical costumes and sportswear. For this reason it’s frequented by young Neapolitan but also by costume designers and directors of the world of entertainment, as well as collectors and lovers of vintage fashion.

What to do nearby

Herculaneum is famous for its archaeological excavations, of equal importance to Pompeii. You can plan a trip to the excavations before or after your visit to the market. It is not advisable to have lunch or dinner near the archaeological excavations because the prices of the restaurants is high due to the large turnout of tourists. Herculaneum also is home of an unforgettable virtual archaeological museum, innovative and entertaining even for those who do not like art or archaeology.

How to reach Ercolano

Herculaneum is a peripheral area and to get there you can take the train from Naples Central Railway Station, the bus, or just rent a car. I not recommended the taxi option which requires a doubled rate as it is out of the urban area.


The Maximall Shopping centre is an important reference point for the province of Salerno. It is located in Pontecagnano and is home to more than 100 shops, most of which are international and known brands. A large commercial center on two levels that allows you to meet all the needs of anyone who decides to spend a pleasant day here.

The Stores

The stores the Maximall shopping Centre is home to the most famous brands at national and international level. Among these are: Adidas, Alcott, R-Store, Bershka, Calvin Klein, Douglas, Foot Locker, Guess, H&M, KIKO, Hermont & Blaine, Geox, Guess, Levi's, Pandora, Button and Bear, Superga, Timberland, Stradivarius and many more.

Eat and Drink

The mall includes a specific dining area with bars, restaurants and fast food to satisfy any desire. Among the fast food you can find Mc Donald's and Burger King, but not only! There are also many bars, a yogurt parlor and pizzerias in which to taste aperitifs, excellent ice cream, yogurt and the typical Neapolitan pizza.

  • ATM
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Large parking lot
  • Business area — an area reserved for work meetings equipped with individual workstations where you can work and leave the devices in charge. There are also stations with tables and chairs that are useful for meetings with a larger team
  • Business area — an area reserved for work meetings equipped with individual workstations where you can work and leave the devices in charge. There are also stations with tables and chairs that are useful for meetings with a larger team
  • Photo boot — where you can make your own photo cards
  • Health Care — The center is equipped for the people with disability with dedicated parking spot, bathrooms and the possibility to rent a wheelchair
  • Beauty and Hairdressing Center
  • Massage chairs
  • Children's area and playground — rides and indoor play area with a bowling alley
  • Small train — a little train on which you can wander around the center and discover all that it has to offer
  • Nursery-space dedicated to mothers


The Cartiera Mall is among the largest in Campania, located in Pompeii and it has 115 shops, a large dining area, a huge parking lot and an immense green park. A shopping paradise within walking distance of the world's most famous archeological digs.

The Stores

The Cartiera Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Campania and houses 115 shops of all kinds: clothing, footwear, accessories, telephony, electronics, gift ideas, household items and personal care, like: Adidas, Alcott, Desigual, H&M, Original Marines, Primigi, Robe di Kappa, Timberland, Yamamay, Zuiki, Foot Locker, Geox, Superga, Gamestop, R-Store, Swarovski, Toys Center, Lush and many more.

Eat and Drink

In this shopping mall there are plenty of dining spot and bars to take a break or a delicious snack. Among these the most popular are Mc Donald's and the Old Wild West which, although diametrically opposed to the quality and type of food, remain the most quoted. The park and the dining area, including the children's area, are open also in the evening.


The mall is open daily from 9:00AM to 9:30PM

  • The park and the dining area are open daily from 9:00AM to 11:00PM. During the weekend the timetable is extended until midnight
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Nursery
  • Hairdresser
  • ATM
  • Children's Area
  • Air Conditioning


The Campania shopping centre is among the largest in the whole region and is located in the province of Caserta, spread over three floors and it hosts 180 shops and meets all kinds of needs. In addition, Campania organizes large events and activities that allow social aggregation and entertainment.

The Stores

Start shopping by wandering around the center of the world's most famous shops. Among these you can find: Accessorize, Adidas, Alcott, Bershka, Desigual, Ferrari, Foot Locker, H&M, Harmont & Blaine, Hollister, Jeckerson, Levi's, Liu-Jo, Pandora, Pull & Bear, Nike, Stradivarius, Swarovski, Timberland, Swatch, Zara, Vans, Tezenis, Yamamay. Benetton, Apple Store, Mac, Kiko, Game Stop, Jean Louis David, and many more.

Eat and Drink

If you need to take a break while shopping you can stop at one of the coffee stores bar or choose one the many restaurants in the mall. Among them there is the famous “100 Montaditos” which offers small sandwiches, with 100 different variations to be enjoyed at the moment. For those who want to taste the traditional Italian cuisine you can go to “Fratelli La Bufala” a very popular spot. Inside the Campania there is also a Mc Donald's for anyone who prefers fast food.


The mall is open daily from 9:00AM to 10:00PM

  • Uci Cinemas — A multiplex cinema where you can find your favorite movies
  • Information Box — Where you can pick up a map of the mall
  • Info Point
  • Disabled access
  • Shuttle Service
  • Parking
  • ATM
  • Defibrillator
  • Infirmary
  • Play Area
  • Nursery
  • Lost and Found
  • Post Office
  • Restaurants for Celiacs
  • Photo Booth
  • Fontana
  • Hairdresser
  • Charging columns for electric cars