Security in Naples

I really care about this subject, which I consider delicate: security in Naples.

Often, I could see, talking to tourists, how bad reality is perceived.

So I really care about emphasizing some aspects in this section.

I want to start with a data. Certain and indisputable. The source: the Ministry of the Interior.

In the ranking of the most dangerous cities in Italy, taking into account only the most visited metropolises by tourists in the Belpaese we have this data: the most dangerous city is Milan.

Follow Rome, Venice, Florence and only at the end, the last in this ranking is Naples.

It is important to clarify that it is very difficult for a tourist to be the victim of unpleasant incidents.

The risks for visitors are those found in all the big cities, namely the small thefts, pickpockets and scams that are perpetrated against naive tourists. So, as always, the advice is the same: prudence, attention and common sense. Using the normal caution that a large city requires, the risk of snatching or picketing may be present in the busier areas or on public transport. It is necessary to dispel the false myth that areas such as the Spagnoli neighborhoods or the Sanità are dangerous.

They are neighborhoods that in recent years are doing great things for tourism and for tourists!

I do not recommend going to the outlying areas, especially during the night or at night, and it is advisable to pay a lot of caution in the Piazza Garibaldi area.