Public transportations

Naples is a metropolis, and like all large cities it is essential to know how to best orientate and have the right information available to get the best out of it. The city of Naples has 2 subway lines, a railway loop, 4 funiculars, the Circumvesuviana, about 130 bus lines, Cumana and Circumflegrea railways.

Useful information on public transport in Naples

Getting around in Naples by public transport

The Naples public transport system is operated by two companies and includes city buses, funicular lines, regional buses, Metro lines 1, 2 and 6, the Circumvesuviana railway line, the Circumflegrea and the Cumana.

You can travel with all these means of transport within the city limits, using a Single ticket or a TIC ticket. There are also tickets to reach specific areas of the province of Naples and are also valid in the city.

What kind of ticket do I have to buy?

You have various opportunities available:
  • Time ticket – costs € 1.50 and lasts 90 minutes from the time the ticket is stamped,
  • Daily ticket – costs € 4.50 and lasts until midnight on the day the ticket is stamped,
  • Weekly ticket – costs € 15.80 and lasts until midnight on the last day of the week of validity,
  • Monthly subscription – costs € 42.00 and lasts until midnight on the last day of the valid month.

Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly tickets can be purchased in tobacconists, newsagents or ticket machines in railway stations, underground stations and funiculars, as well as in selected stops around the city.

From the airport to the city

Naples International Airport, also known as Capodichino Airport, is the only airport in the city of Naples and is one of the most important airports in southern Italy. It is very connected via the Naples public transport system.

There are two bus lines from Capodichino Airport to the city center: The 3S line is an urban bus line with several stops around the city, including one in Capodichino Airport, one in the central station and one near Piazza Municipio.

The Alibus is a shuttle bus that goes only from Capodichino Airport to the city center, without other stops. The Alibus line has departures every 20 minutes. It takes 15 minutes to reach the center of Naples from Capodichino without traffic.

Here you can download the schedules of the Alibus line:

  • Although it is possible to reach the Amalfi Coast from Naples by public transport, it is a difficult undertaking that costs time and effort, especially if you have luggage with you. If you really can not do without armed with a lot of patience and goodwill. Reaching, instead, Herculaneum, Pompeii or Sorrento with the Circumvesuviana is much simpler and does not involve you so much time. An ideal low-cost solution for those who can not reach these destinations by taxi or by private transfer