Porto in Naples

What Is Porto? Porto is the Neapolitan area that includes the Molo Beverello, the Stazione Marittima and Varco Porta of Massa. The place that makes the port of Naples unique and allows tourists to live an unforgettable experience just in the middle of the city.

If you want to reach the Maschio Angioino you just have to cross the street in front of the port. From there in just five minutes you can reach also the San Carlo theater, the Umberto Gallery, the Royal Palace and Plebiscito Square.

Easy, right?

If you want to understand better where the Port area is located, take a look here.

At Molo Beverello you can arrive both from the airport of Capodichino (with the Alibus shuttle service), and from the Central railway station in Piazza Garibaldi. From the station, you can use both public transports (Metro Line 1 and taxis: in this case I suggest you to ask to apply the predetermined fare that should not exceed 10 euros).

The Molo Beverello as I said before, it’s very close to the Maschio Angioino, where you land with the ship cruises, and to the historical center.

Of course, this place is not famous for safety and cleanliness, so you always have to keep your eyes open. Remember that there are four different gates to the port areas:

  • Immacolatella gate (open 24 hours),
  • Pisacane gate (open from 07:00AM to 9:00PM),
  • Carmine gate (open only to pedestrians during weekdays from 07:00AM to 09:30PM and from 5:00 to 6:30),
  • Austorade gate (always open).

Parking at Molo Beverello

If you prefere to reach the Molo Beverello by car and park there, you have different options:

  1. Parking at the Buono Garage (Molo Beverello 11), that has 100 parking spaces and is open 24 hours. It can also host tour buses. Be aware that since it is not very large it is better to book your own space by contacting the number (+39)335499658. If you need a longer parking you can also choose to buy an holiday package,
  2. Parking at Park Car South in Piazzale Pisacane. A parking lot that gives you the opportunity to book the parking space and to pay hourly and daily rates (for info call the number (+39) 081201175,
  3. Parking at Tirreni Parking near Porta of Massa, in Molo Pisacane—Calata Levante. This parking lot it’s covered and open daily from 06:00AM to 8:00PM. You can book a spot online on the official website and the price for 24 hours of parking is 25 euros and 18 euros for 12 hours,
  4. Parking at Brin Parking. This parking space is one of the cheapest options you can choose, with a price range of 10 euros per day. Although this parking spot is a little further from the port, located at the crossroads between Benedetto Brin Street and Alessandro Volta Street.

Contacts, ticket offices and destinations

Ferries and hydrofoils depart from Molo Beverello to Capri, Ischia, Procida and Sorrento. Some of them also reach Ponza and Ventotene. Besides the Metro of the Sea, the service of connection between Naples and the Cilento and the Amalfi Coast, here are the other companies that connect Naples to the islands of the gulf:

  • Caremar (tel 081.5513882): from Naples towards Ischia Porto and Procida
  • Alilauro (081.5513236-5071345): from Naples to Ischia Porto, Forio, Sorrento,
  • Navlib (081.5520763): from Naples to Capri, Casamicciola and Procida,
  • Snav (081.4285555): from Naples to Capri, Casamicciola and Procida,
  • Ustica Lines (081.5800340): from Naples to Favignana, Trapani and Ustica.

All tickets can be purchased on the companies websites chosen for the trip, except for the Metro of the Sea. Furthermore, can check online all the necessary information about timetables and tariffs of ferries and hydrofoils for the desired destination. But there are also the physical ticket offices that you can reach directly in Molo Beverello.

Getting to the ticket offices is easy: just take Acton Street in the direction of Molo Beverello and stop in front of the scooter parking on the left. You will find them next to each other. For more information on the port of Naples you can contact the switchboard at (+39) 081.2283257.

Where is the porto?

porto map