Piazza del Plebiscito and its monuments

Piazza del Plebiscito with its historical monuments is certainly one of the most beautiful areas of Naples and is absolutely a priority visit it..

Here are the main attractions to see.

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Piazza del Plebiscito

The representative square of Naples. Majestic, fascinating, rich in history. Walking in Piazza del Plebiscito is a dive into the past that offers you a sense of peace and freedom. Piazza del Plebiscito has existed since 1543, following the construction of a viceregal building, which later became the current Royal Palace of Naples. Only with the subsequent building of the Royal Palace the square takes on the appearance of what it is today. The Palazzo Reale project was entrusted to Domenico Fontana who decided to transfer the entrance to the royal residence where he is today. The "largo di Palazzo" quickly became the center of everyday life for citizens, a meeting and reference point, that is what it is today.

On the right stands the Church of San Francesco di Paola, with its colonnade that vaguely recalls that of San Pietro, while on the left you can admire the Royal Palace. The neoclassical church was completed in 1849, after 40 years from the beginning of the works. One of the most famous and ancient places in Naples where you can cool off and taste a great coffee is right in the Piazza Plebiscito. Coffee is one of the specialties of Naples because it is precisely in this city that was used the "cuccumella", a type of coffee machine particular, which differentiated the Neapolitan coffee from that of other places.

Furthermore, it is impossible not to attempt the challenge launched by the Queen Margherita of Savoy to the prisoners. Legend has it that Margherita di Savoia once a month subjected one of her prisoners to a trial at the cost of her life: crossing the space between the two statues in a straight line, designed specifically to make the triumph impossible. In this regard it is said that the failure is due to a curse launched by the queen, although in reality it is probably due to the design of the flooring.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is located at Piazza del Plebiscito and was the residence of the Spanish viceroys. Anyone interested in visiting the city of Naples and empathize for a few hours in the guise of the royals can not fail to visit this wonderful complex. It is possible to walk through the rooms of the royal apartments, rediscovering the essence of the various epochs that characterize it and of the sovereigns that have inhabited it. The wonder and amazement of finding yourself in front of the regal rooms with four-poster beds and the majestic gold chandeliers, the incredulity in front of the vastness of the spaces used by the sovereigns that the only crossing them throws the visitor into a parallel universe and allows him to relive the fairy tales and dreams as a child, the incredible richness hidden in every little detail thought and designed to make everything perfect and luxurious. Within the complex you can also visit the Cappella Palatina , the National Library and the palace gardens.

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San Carlo Theater

Near the Piazza del Plebiscito stands the temple of opera and ballet, a theater of international renown, the oldest of the Scala in Milan: the Teatro di San Carlo . In addition to being a famous opera house containing important historical and artistic riches and in addition to hosting famous shows in its wide and magnificent spaces, inside it is also possible to visit the MeMus. The Museum and Historical Archive of the Teatro di San Carlo is an innovative museum, rich in technology, in which it is possible to retrace the history of the theater and its past artistic events that have made it famous and successful. The museum includes the best new technologies, including 3D, and is designed as a multi-purpose center rather than a traditional museum. The 3D experience is essential for anyone who is passionate about art and history but even more so for all those who are intrigued by new technologies and technological innovation that pervades the world of globalization and the planet in the twenty-first century.

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