Other coastal trips – Vietri and Minori

Vietri sul Mare

Vietri's main attraction is not represented by a monument or a historic building, but simply by ceramic objects. Vietri ceramics are present everywhere, the entire history of everyday life of the inhabitants of Vietri is painted on ceramics, exported all over the world. Absolutely to visit in Vietri are the typical ceramic workshops: each of these has its own laboratory, its own ideas and its own colors. The ceramics of Vietri are an important part of the local identity and economy, but here, as well as in other places of the Amalfi Coast , you can not help but try a plate of anchovies or a Gragnano paccheri dish with fresh catch of the day

How to get to Vietri sul Mare

How to get to Vietri sul Mare: it is the first city of the Amalfi Coast that meets coming from Salerno. In addition, for those coming from Naples on the A3 motorway towards Salerno will meet the exit Vietri sul Mare, from which you can then continue to the Amalfi Coast taking the SS 163. After a few kilometers from Vietri meet: Albori, Cetara and Erchie , before arriving to the most famous cities, such as Amalfi and Positano. Vietri is connected to other cities along the coast and to Salerno, thanks to the SITA buses, which operate regularly.

What to see in Vietri

  • Visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, whose dome is made of colored majolica.
  • Buy one of its typical ceramic souvenirs with the blue and yellow colors that made it famous in the world.
  • Among the things to see in Vietri there is certainly the Provincial Museum of Ceramics , within the wonderful Villa Guariglia .


Minori, was once a small fishing village, in the twentieth century tourism and considerable urbanization made Minori a pearl of the Amalfi Coast, from the 1997 World Heritage Site.

In Roman times, it was known as Rheginna Minor, to differentiate it from Rheginna Maior, today Maiori. The ancient Rheginna Minor today houses a rare example of a seaside villa, considered one of the most important Roman monuments of the Amalfi Coast, the superb Roman Maritime Villa of the first century. A.D.

Minori, for centuries, was the only village of the Amalfi Coast to preserve the remains of a saint: Santa Trofimena, to whom is dedicated the Basilica. The Cathedral, dedicated to Santa Trofimena, was restored in 1800 and the lower basilica houses the remains of the patron saint of the town. Santa Trofimena was patroness of the whole Coast and of the Republic of Amalfi, as well as highly revered in the Sicilian town of Patti.

Once the town of Minori was full of mills, of this tradition today remains a strong vocation for the production of pasta, used in various recipes and menus proposed in small and typical restaurants of Minori.

How to get to Minori

How to get to Minori: Minori is situated in the middle of the Amalfi coast, it can be reached equally from both Salerno and Sorrento. The recommended route is that one from Salerno, taking the SS 163 at Vietri sul Mare, along the whole coast going through the towns of Cetara, Erchie and Maiori. The duration of the trip by car, in normal traffic conditions, is about 40 minutes.

Minori, like other cities of the Amalfi Coast is served by public bus service Sita Sud.

During the spring and summer season, so from April until September, there are ferry connections from Salerno to Minori. Minori is the second last stop of the ferry on the route Salerno-Amalfi.

What to do in Minori

  • Visit the Basilica of Santa Trofimena, the main place of worship in the city.
  • Nearby Minori there is a very famous archaeological site, consists of the beautiful Roman Villa, dating back to the first century.

If you are in the beautiful city of Minori on the Amalfi Coast surely you will have a pleasant walk on the promenade, one of the most beautiful areas, characterized by a large number of restaurants and little places to stop and eat typical dishes of Campania. If you love relaxing and sunbathing on a beach of white sand and turquoise water, Minori is the ideal place.

Foto di Miguel Hermoso Cuesta, CC BY-SA 4.0, Collegamento

For all the gourmands we recommend a short but delicious visit for your palate: the famous pastry shop of Salvatore De Riso, considered an authentic temple of sweet. The pastry shop is now famous not only for the invention of the ricotta and pear cake but also for the many assortments of desserts including the Delizia of Lemon by Amalfi Coast.