Being Neapolitan is a way of life. It means being open and welcoming. Always ready to sacrifice for others and be resilience in adversities. It also means being an immigrant. Because, if in Naples leaves approximately one million residents, all over the world estimates said there are about six million of them.

It's really hard to travel, visit a city in the world and not meet a single Neapolitan. During my travels, I have met them everywhere, and in my years of living abroad I understand even more how much who is born in Naples will always be connected to its land, its roots and its city.

More, Naples is an open theater. The city is alive and transmits a vitality that you perceive precisely because the Neapolitan himself is lively and active.

More, Naples it’s a city open to dialogue and confrontation.

When you’ll arrive in Naples you’ll understand all of this on your own, and you’ll want to come back as soon as possible!