Naples: the future is already here!

February 13, 2018

From Pietrarsa to San Giovanni a Teduccio, from the first railway in Italy to the first European AppIoS development center

3 October 1839 is a historical date:
the launch of the first railway section between Naples and Portici.
8 October 2016:
inaugurates Apple's first AppIos development center in Europe.

177 years have passed. From a historical and arduous undertaking for the time to a current record.

You may wonder what the link between a railway section and a technology development center could be. It's still. Why talk about it on a tourist promotion site.

I really want to start our informative journey with this article for a very specific reason: doing tourism promotion does not mean only to make aware of the beauties of the City. On the centuries-old cultural baggage that the city offers to those who decide to visit it.

It does not mean giving only directions on where to stay, where to eat, what to see and above all how to see it.

Tourism promotion is a huge lever to bring out what Naples is today and what it means to become Naples in the future.

It means promoting the excellence of the territory, making people understand how you live in Naples today and the enormous potential offered by this city.

Potential that are still unexpressed, but that, also thanks to the big contribution that the tourist sector has been offering in recent years, are starting to emerge, and in some places even with disruptive vehemence.

The case of Apple, a multinational and world leader in the sector, is a strong and important signal that should not be underestimated. Rather. It should be emphasized that it can be the forerunner of a future rich in investments for the City of Naples its metropolitan area.

Private investments are fundamental for quality of life.

And the visitor is interested in the quality of life of the city that decides to know. He wants to know, he asks, he informs himself. It does so before deciding to arrive in the city by asking friends or inquiring on the web. He does it once in the city, asking people. Who lives in the City.

So it is a condition sine qua no to offer full information, live information that analyzes and narrates the present of the city, not just the glorious past.

Private investments are the weapon for future growth and as for Apple's AppIoS Development Center, also for the construction of the first railway section between Portici and Naples, private investments were fundamental for the completion of the work.

And it is not just the private investment that unites the two companies but also the territory.

The Museum of Pietrarsa is 3 kilometers from the Apple Developer Academy.

Away from the Naples Lounge, in the heart of its suburbs. A suburb, far too mistreated, from which a strong rebirth can start.

Because in Naples the future is already here, just as Bruce Sterling, a visionary American writer on a visit to Naples, said to hold a lectio magistralis on Industry 4.0.

The future is in these three kilometers that combine the Museum of Pietrarsa, symbol and vivid memory of the first railway in Italy, and the AppIos Development Center.

In the heart of the suburbs that wants to be reborn and has the strength to do it.

And if in the stretch of road that joins the two structures you find yourself facing one of the most beautiful Street Art in Europe , if you find yourself one of the best pizzerias in Naples, well I'll have time and a way to explain it to you. To inform you on how to get there, how and why to visit the suburbs of Naples: without fear, without being influenced by clichés and prejudices.

Come, see, love,
because the future is already here!