Naples in a week

You have a week of time.

Sincerely, it's the right choice. And I'll explain why.

Coming to Naples is not just about visiting the beauties of the city. It means having the opportunity to visit the enchanting places that the metropolitan area of ​​Naples offers.

Let's see how.

Two full days dedicated to the city.

You have time and you're free to choose also based on all the advice you'll find on the site.

You do not have the stress of visiting everything in no time.

So, relax, take your time and choose autonomously by following the instructions you find on the site.

I always remind you that there are things to watch:

  • San Severo Chapel
  • Napoli Underground
  • Castel dell'Ovo

These four stages contain the soul of Naples.

But you have time to visit Churches, Museums and Historic Palaces.

What to do in the other 5 days

  • One day excursion to Capri
  • One day trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast
  • One day trip: Pompeii - Vesuvius - Herculaneum
  • Half day excursion to the Phlegraean Fields
  • Half day excursion to the Royal Palace of Caserta

If you have decided to follow this itinerary, you can book the tours here or if you want to do it independently follow our blog. You will find all the indications and information to live these experiences in total autonomy.

The only day that is really impossible to do using public transport is the excursion to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Some difficulties you might find in Pompeii - Vesuvius - Herculaneum in just one day. In this case, however, if your budget is limited and you can not buy a tour, choose only one of the two archaeological sites.

Also, if you notice well, there are two half-day excursions: this means you have two half days to spend in the city.

Take time to walk around and enjoy the city's everyday and real views.

Below you will find advice on how to visit Capri in one day and how to organize your day on the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento. .

Capri in a day

Are you in Naples and want to explore the beautiful island of Capri in just one day? So this is the right guide for you! Let's start!


I recommend leaving early. Hydrofoil price about € 20 each way - journey time 50 minutes.Reach Molo Beverello and buy the round-trip tickets for the hydrofoil: it's the fastest way. Or, in a more convenient way you can buy the hydrofoil tickets directly here

Turn the island into the sea

The cost of the tour is 18 - duration 2 hours approximately. Entry to the Blue Grotto is charged separately € 14

Arriving in Marina Grande, the main port of Capri, buy here the ticket for the Giro di Capri by boat or directly here. Choose the complete tour, which includes the passing through the famous Faraglioni and visiting the wonderful Blue Grotto.

Capri Funicular

Ticket price € 1.80 - journey time 15 minutes. Returned at Marina Grande, take the funicular railway: it is the fastest means of transport to reach the center of Capri. It leads you into the characteristic Piazzetta. Here you can sit back and relax in the sun, having a coffee and admiring the scene.

The streets of the center and the belvedere

Later, you can take a walk along Via le Botteghe, where there are small craft shops. Continue on Via Camerelle, full of luxury and high fashion shops.

From here, go towards Via Tragara until you reach the fantastic viewpoint facing the Faraglioni. From here you can take spectacular photos.

Lunch and Anacapri

Bus ticket € 1.80 - duration 15 minutes.

Now head towards Piazza Martiri d ' Hungary. During the walk, find a place to eat the typical "caprese": delicious slices of mozzarella and tomato with a little oil.

Once in the square, get on board a a small bus that will take you to Piazza della Vittoria. Go to the discovery of Anacapri, with its typical narrow alleys.

Chair lift - Monte Solaro

The spectacular ride on the chairlift costs € 11 for a round trip The duration of the one way journey is 12 minutes.

If you do not suffer from vertigo, from Piazza Vittoria you can take the chairlift that leads to Monte Solaro. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the gulf of Naples and Salerno.

Sunset over the sea

Would you like to see a romantic place? Back to Piazza della Vittoria, take Viale Tommaso de Tommaso and take the bus to Punta Carena Lighthouse. Enjoy an aperitif and admire the most beautiful sunset on the island.

Return to port

Single-journey bus fare € 1.80 - € 8.60 daily ticket €. Duration from Punta Carena to Anacapri 20 minutes. from Anacapri to Marina Grande Port 25 minutes to come back.

Take the bus to Anacapri and then another bus to the Port of Marina Grande. Greet Capri, get on board the hydrofoil and return to Naples!

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast in a day

Fantastic day. Believe me it will be unforgettable. But in this case, doing everything in one day using public transport is impossible.

If your budget is limited you must necessarily divide in two days this fantastic excursion that I propose to do in a single day.

A day at Sorrento and one day on the Amalfi Coast. Here is the information on how to reach the two destinations by public transport.

I advise you to book a tour a day to enjoy Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in all its beauty.

There are three options to consider:

  • the first is a group tour: in reaching the Amalfi Coast , most of the operators that offer this service stop as soon as they arrive on the Sorrento Coast to allow you to take pictures and see a breathtaking view. Then on the coast that with its fantastic landscapes and its typical villages is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places in the world.
  • the second is a private tour of 8 hours: the stages and times are those described in the group tour, the difference, of course, is the privacy that only a private tour can offer you.
  • The third option that few operators do, but in my opinion the most beautiful and full of emotions is the whole day. 10 hours with one-hour stop in Sorrento, one hour in Positano, one hour in Amalfi and one hour in Ravello.

You can only do this tour by booking here and it's a private tour for up to 8 people. I highly recommend it. It is the most complete to do.