Naples for kids

Some people think that traveling with children is stressful and not fun, but visit Naples with your family will be an unforgettable experience, thanks to family attractions, the sea, the sun, subway station where you will always find elevators and a friendly town that welcome crowd of tourists every day. SO KIDS: WELCOME TO NAPLES!

Gennaro's Tips

It's easy to walk around the city, even with the strollers, so I’d suggest you to walk instead of taking public transportation to enjoy calmly the beauty of the city! - Daily city tours usually includes several attractions, for this reason is better to combine your visit to a lunch break, allowing your children to rest - To enter some museums there may be a line: prepare your children to wait patiently.

Naples is full of attractions, events and activities for the whole family. I am sure that at some point you’ll ask yourself: is there a park or a public garden nearby? Are there any attractions suitable for children next to me? What are the best things to do for children today? You’ll find the answers in our specific section dedicated to Naples with children!

Naples for kids

As I told before, Naples is a very kid-friendly city thank to many attractions made for them and their families. Let’s see what are the best option for a quality family time in the city!

Vesuvius National Park

The Vesuvius National Park is characterized by various paths that lead to the crater of the volcano, which has been dormant for years. It’s a walk that always intrigues the little ones thanks to the beautiful nature and the particular lava flows, sometimes visible on the path.

Underground Naples - Tunnel borbonico

The visit to Naples Underground is a mystical experience both for adults and children who can learn the history of the city and discover an intrigue side of Naples, made by tunnels, darkness and magic stories.

Madre Museum

The Museum proposes educational activities to make the children comfortable in the museum spaces. Thought these activities the museum become a place of aggregation and education, that helps the children approach the contemporary art in a fun and playful way.

City of Science

The City of Science is a scientific museum that allows families and especially children to approach science through games and fun experiments for all ages. Inside the museum you will also find a dining area and a souvenir shops.

Teatro dei Piccoli

Il Teatro dei Piccoli is a project promoted by Naples’s municipality that provide a theatrical space to children, to allow them to get closer to music, cinema and theatrical arts. The perfect spot to spend an afternoon or a pleasant evening with your child enjoying a unique show.

Naples Aquarium

The Naples Aquarium dates back to 1872 and is located in the Villa Comunale, near the promenade. The structure maintains the original plant, characterized by 26 exhibition tubs that host a vast range of environments, organisms and species that characterize the Gulf of Naples. A wonderful and useful place for discovering the marine World with your family.

Botanical Garden

A visit to the Botanical Garden is really interesting as it allows families to understand nature and what characterizes it. Every month the Garden organize many activities dedicated to the youngest, among the most famous are the theatrical plays organized by the association “Teatrini” shows that helps kids and children to approach the plants and nature of the garden.

Naples' Zoo

The Naples Zoo dates back to 1946 and is located near an amusement park and a Bowling place with a games room. The park is home to various species of animals from all over the world. Altogether there are 409 animals and 202 plant species that can be studied, admired and recognized together with your children. Here, you can also find refreshment points where to rest with the sounds of nature in the background.

Visiting the zoo with kids

Spending a day at the zoo is an opportunity to make children interact with nature and to play with them while breathing clean air. The zoo includes an educational farm where children can interact directly with pets such as goats, sheep, piglets, lambs, hens, ducks and more. This allows children to know and understand how animals relate to their habitat, what they eat, where they come from, and the conditions in which they live. An unmissable and pleasant educational excursion in which to venture with the youngest and help them understand the world around them.

The zoo during winter time

Naples is considered the city of the Sun where cold winters do not exist. In the unusual case that happened right next to the zoo is located a Bowling alley where a large variety of games are available, for any age group. In addition to the classic “games room” you can play paintball, have fun at the polygon or watch a movie at the 5d Cinema, or even start a volleyball and soccer game. At the end of the day you can also collect a wonderful prize with tickets that you have bought during the day. An amazing place where adults and children can have fun together.

General Information

During the winter (from November 1 to 31 March) the zoo is open from 9:30 to 5:00. In the remaining summer months the timetable is extended until 6:00, while weekends and holidays are open until 7:00. The ticket’s price to access the zoo is 10 euros for all people aged 3 to 70. Children under the age of 3 and people over 70 have free entrance, as well as disabled people (with accompanying persons).

Themed Parks

Panda Park

Panda is a small amusement park close to the Virgiliano Park and includes several miniature rides such as: The tower, the roller coaster, a train, a mini-bumper and more. It has a relaxation area dedicated to parents and a refreshment point.
  • Open weekdays from 10:30AM to 2:30PM and from 4:30PM to 11:00PM. On public holidays It is open from 10:30AM to 2:30PM and from 4:30 to 12:00. Monday is closed.
  • • Suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years
  • • The price varies according to the carousel
  • • You can make a subscription and a special ticket for the parents

Cavalieri Country Club (parco avventura)

Located within the “Cavaliere Country Club” this exclusive Adventure Park is the perfect place to climb and have fun in the midst of nature. It has five climbings routes always under the supervision by the park team.

Magic World

Magic World is a water park as well as an amusement park. During the ummer there are pools with numerous slides of differents shapes, color and sizes. It hosts many rides dedicated to Disney cartoons and the entrance is reminiscent of Aladin's palace.
  • Swimming pool opening: from 10:00AM to 6:30PM
  • Park opening: from 10:00AM to 11:00PM
  • Suitable for adults and children, without age distinction


A park full of attractions, the park has been closed for about 10 years, and it was renovated in 2017. The park is famous for its excellent warm graffe and its very love by the citizens.
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Opening: 10:00AM — 11:00PM

Playgrounds areas and public gardens

The playgrounds in Naples are a meeting place for children and their companions where children can run, let off steam and have fun, with only on games but also inventing games in the open air and discovering nature. On this page you will find the most important games of Naples suburban area.

Get to know the people of the city

A day spent in a playground is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the local culture and make new friends. The Neapolitan are very friendly and will not be difficult to make friends and entertain their children along with others. Some of these parks are located in beautiful and very suggestive places.

Gennaro's Tips

Plan your day carefully because playing is very tiring. - Some play areas are easily accessible by public transport. - The best time to go to a public playground is lunchtime, so that parents can quietly eat an open-air sandwich while the kids are busy playing. - Some play areas have bathrooms with changing tables, but not all.

Capodimonte Royal Park

The Royal Park of Capodimonte is a large wooded area designed by the Baroque architect Ferdinando Sanfelice, by order of King Charles, who had a passion for hunting. The garden extends for 130 hectares and has over 400 varieties of trees. You can reach the Bosco from three different entrances: Porta Miano, Porta Piccola, and Porta Grande. Whatever the entrance, you'll find a large open-air area full of many Baroque sculptures as statues, ancient fountains and historic buildings.

In the Capodimonte forest there is also the palace of Capodimonte, where is located the National Museum of Capodimonte — one of the largest collections of Baroque art in Europe. In the same building is also located the Giovanni Tollbooth Institution, a high school that handed down the tradition of Ceramics and porcelain of Capodimonte.

Opening hours: daily from 7:45AM to 7:30. Price: Free entry

Virgiliano Park

Located in Posillipo, the park is also called “Remembrance Park” and is renewed for its terraces that overlooks the entire Posillipo’s gulf. The Virgiliano Park is also a beautiful park for walk or just relax while the kids play in a safe place. In addition to the grassy areas, it offers a fun well-equipped play area and a small amphitheater where you can see theater companies, musicians or street performer

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:00AM to 8:30PM. Price: Free entry

Real Botanical Gardens

The Real Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden in Naples, founded at the beginning of the nineteenth-century, in the days when the city was dominated by the French. The garden is located in Foria St, and is close to the gigantic the Royal Hospice for the poor built under the Bourbon dynasty. It covers 15 hectares and contains about 25,000 specimens of vegetation and 10,000 species of plants.

The Garden is not a public garden, but a research center of the University of Naples Federico II, actively engaged in the preservation of endangered plant species. It also has section ethnobotany where the plants are studied. However, it’s still open to the public and is perfect for an educational tour of the plants or for taking some time to walk and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. Price: Free entry

Villa Comunale

The Villa Comunale is the most important public garden of Naples, built by King Ferdinand IV as Royal Garden for the members of the royal family, but open to the public in particular days of celebration as the feast of Piedigrotta. It was then opened to the public on a permanent basis in 1869 after the Italian unification. The park stretches for over 1km, has plenty of room to let the kids play and is situated on the seafront of Mergellina in the Chiaia district. It is also one of the most popular places for the classic Sunday morning walk.

Moreover, in the villa you will find a playground, a skating rink, and you can usually watch live performances of all kinds. Bicycles or rickshaws can also be rented just outside the park. Nearby the Villa there are the famous chalets of Mergellina, where Neapolitan love to have coffee or do a happy hour.

Opening hours: daily from 7:00AM to midnight. Price: Free entry

Places where to eat with children in Naples

Naples is a city where you can find everything you need, no matter what age you have. For the little ones there are specific restaurants that organize discounted menus for their tastes. In these restaurants you can also find game areas dedicated to them.


On weekends, it is always advisable to book a table, as restaurants are often full and there may be a long wait. We do not recommend the luxury restaurants and the most famous ones, where often it is not possible to book in advance and the line could be very long. But, if you just want to go and taste a fancy dinner, these restaurants usually take the name at the door and communicate you the approximate time of availability. Another good thing is that restaurants in Naples opens very early and close very late. The approximate opening hours of the restaurants are: 12:00AM for lunch, until the early afternoon, and 6:30PM for dinner, until late nights.

To indicate which restaurants are best suited to children, I categorized them by age:

Childrens 0-6 years

For the little ones there are many restaurants with games and entertainment, but in my opinion the most suitable is "The House of Ù" in the district Vomero, located in Luca Careli St. “The House of Ù” is a cozy place where are often organized games, workshops, music, shows, entertainment, cultural activities, fables reading and much more. It has an area of over 200 sq. m dedicated to children, where the youngest are supervised by animators. Of course, they have a kid's menu, and organize breakfasts, brunches, snacks and happy hours for every age.

Childrens 6-10 years

For children of this age, Naples reserves numerous restaurants with play areas and entertainment, among them the “Peperoncino Birichino” in Santa Lucia, that has a well-equipped kids' area. This area includes a stage with PlayStation, large TV, karaoke and a recreation area where you can organize art and kitchen workshops. For the little lovers of prehistory I recommend “Ristosauro” in Bicoli, a restaurant entirely dedicated to Jurassic Park. The dishes have the names of prehistoric animals and the scenery refers completely to the Stone Age. If you want to spend time outdoors instead, you can choose a farm or a restaurant with a playground, such as “Trattoria Vanvitelli” in the district Vomero, which has an equipped outdoor area or the “Masseria del Borro” in the Phlegraean Fields that has a large outdoor spaces, games and entertainment.

Teenagers 11-15 years

For the teenagers Naples offers many recreational places to meet and grub a bite, like “Volver” in Dante Square. This place offers great food, a full bar and endless board games. If you want something simpler, in the Vomero area it’s located a classic old pub called “Napoli Centrale” where you can taste great sandwiches. The peculiarity of this place is that it is totally set up as an old train station.

Over 16 years

For this age Naples reserves a wide choice of surprising places, in addition to the famous pizzerias that characterize the city. One of these is “100 Montaditos” a renewed Spanish chain that proposes more than a hundred different flavors of sandwiches, as small as the palm of one hand. Obviously the prices are very low and it is perfect for anyone who wants to try something different. For the evening we recommend the “Ruin” (in the Vomero District), a new place with great music, Cine-forum, events and a selection of board games. Open mainly in the evening, it is suitable for a happy hour or to spend a pleasant evening after dinner. If you are looking for a place to eat in the surroundings, at walking distance is located the Belgian brewery the“Manneken” where you can eat sandwiches, try different beers and have fun with board games. - Whenever is possible I suggest you to eat outside. For your children can be pleasant to spend a day in the open air or near the sea rather than in a closed space.