Museums in Naples

What is the secret for really understand Naples and her long history? The answer is simple! Visit one, two, three or even four of the unique museums that are spread all over the city.

Naples is the perfect city for the museums lovers! You can choose between more than ten of them as the Capodimonte museum, the National Archeological Museum and the Art Palace. Check the list that I made for you and choose the one that suits you the best!

Archaeological museums


Naples National Archeological Museum

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (Closed on Tuesday) from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Price: 12 € (standard) – 6 € (reduced)


The most important museum of Naples it’s the first museum in Italy for the extension of the collections, it’s consider one the most important in the world for Roman art.

Situated in Cavour Square, the building was built as a cavalry barracks in 1585. From 1616 to 1777 it was the seat of the University of Naples. During the 19th century, after it became museum, it suffered many changes to the main structure.

The museum hosts extensive collections of Greek and Roman antiquities. Their core is from the Farnese Collection, which includes a collection of engraved gems, including the Farnese Cup, a Ptolemaic bowl made of sardonyx agate and the most famous piece in the "Treasure of the Magnificent, and the Farnese Marbles.


Phlegraean Fields Archeological Museum

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 2:30pm (last admission at 1pm)

Price: 4€ standard – 2€ reduced (Cumulative ticket for Bay Castle, Bay Spa, Flavio of Pozzuoli Amphitheater and Cuma Archaeological Park)


The Archaeological Museum of Phlegraean Fields is housed in a fortress Aragonese, properly restored and adapted to the new exhibition destination, located on the top of the high promontory that closes to south the Gulf of Baia. The museum displays unique archaeological finds and extraordinary value from the Phlegraean Fields.

Among them the imposing “Sacello degli Augustali” of Miseno and the series of sculptures of the “Ninfeo di Punta Epitaffio” which was found during underwater archaeological excavations. The collection of hundreds of fragments of casts for sculptures and decorative works, referred to as the “Gessi di Baia” (Chalks of Baia) and all based on classical Greeks forms, and in use between the first and second centuries A.D., can also be seen.

Contemporary art museum



Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10am to 7:30pm

Orari di apertura: Sunday - 10am to 8pm

Price: 7 € (standard) – 3,50 € (reduced)


In the historical heart of Naples, the three floors of the 19th-century Palazzo Donnaregina host the Madre - Contemporary Art museum: 7,200 m2 of exhibition space, with site-specific installations, as well as works from the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.

Madre Museum is the witness of a story that made Campania region a crossroads of contemporary arts, oriented to studying and documenting the past through contemporary sensitivity and languages and so able of acting in the present and outlining the future.



Opening hours: 9:30am to 7:30pm every day

Opening hours: 9:30am to 2:30 pm

Closed on Tuesdays


PAN | Palace of Arts of Napoles museum's six thousand square meter site at the eighteenth-century Palazzo Roccella (Via dei Mille 60) host exhibitions and offer research opportunities, services and tools for learning about the artworks and leading figures of contemporary art ranging from painting to sculpture, architecture, photography, design, cinema, video art and cartoons.

The museum's program is characterized by a multitude of initiatives and a diverse range of opportunities to access art — through retrospectives, exhibitions, and cultural entertainment — including book presentations and conferences on topics of contemporary interest, backed up by a variety of activities and offerings.

Art galleries


Capodimonte Museum

Opening hours: every day except on Wednesday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm

Price: 12€ (standard) – 4€ (reduced)

The Capodimonte Musuem is one of the most important museums in Naples. It is located inside the palace of Capodimonte, the historical residence of the Bourbons of Naples. The Majestic art collection was initially composed of the works of the Farnese collection, a rich group of paintings belonging to the Roman and Emilian Renaissance, which includes artists such as Botticelli, the Carracci brothers, El Greco, Parmigianino, Raphael, Tiziano and Vasari, to name a few. Over the years the collection has been expanded with authors of the Neapolitan Baroque (Spagnoletto, Caracciolo) and Flemish art (Van Dyck, Rubens, Bruegel), as well as with what is perhaps the most important work among those exhibited at the Museum: the Scourging of Christ by Caravaggio.

Zevallos Stigliano Palace

Opening hours: From Tuesday to Friday - 10am to 6pm

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday - from 10am to 8pm

Price: 5 € (standard) – 3 € (reduced)

The Zevallos Stigliano Palace is located in Via Toledo, one of the main streets of Naples. Built in the 17th-century by the will of Giovanni Zevallos, from which it takes its name, the palace has changed several properties over the centuries, until it became one of Italian galleries of the Intesa Sanpaolo group. The palace itself is a wonderful example of a fusion between the Baroque architecture of the initial project, with the posthumous modifications made in a perfect Art Nouveau style. In the museum you will see a large collection of Neapolitan’s painting of the eighteenth century, the Posillipo school and of the nineteenth-century Neapolitan school as Van Wittal, Groan, Van Pitloo, Palizzi, and Morelli. The highlight of the gallery is the martyrdom of Saint Orsola, the last painting by Caravaggio made in Naples just a few weeks before his death.

Secondary museums

Museums of all kinds makes Naples an extraordinary city for see arts masterpieces. Thanks to many galleries, libraries and other points of interest that are not often included in the main tourist routes, although they definitely deserve a visit. Here a short list of secondary museum that I am sure you will enjoy.

M.U.S.A Astronomical Museum

The MuSA is the unique state astronomical museum in South-Central Italy. The valuable instruments collection of MuSA dates from mid-sixteenth to mid-twentieth century. The observatory is located on the hill of Miradois, not far from the royal Palace of Capodimonte, in a beautiful neoclassic villa. Some of its rooms are used to display works of art and a wide assortment of valuable scientific instruments from different eras. Other halls in the basement are kept at constant temperature to preserve some precision timepieces. On the terrace, however, there are geodetic and astronomical instruments, while in the Masseria, in a large room, there is the Meridian Circle of Repsold, still today the most modern and precise of Italy, even if it dates back to 1868. Both fans and scientists will love it.