Get a taxi in Naples

The taxis in Naples are white, they all have the inscription on the roof and near the plate or leaning on the rear of the car a special plate that identifies the license number issued by the City of Naples.

If the car does not have these characteristics then you are coming across an abusive taxi driver.

Taxis are a good way to get around the city. The base rate is € 3.50 if you stop the taxi on the street and € 5.00 if the taxi arrives with a call from the switchboard.

You can take a taxi on the fly if the signal on the vehicle is on.

There are always taxis waiting at the airport of Capodichino, at the Railway Station, at the Molo Beverello and in the main points of the city as in Via Mezzocannone, right in the heart of the historic center of Naples.

How to get a taxi in Naples

To stop a taxi along the streets of Naples, just raise your hand.

If the taxi is free, the central light at the top of the vehicle is on, if it is off, the taxi is busy. When the taxi is off-duty (out of service), the off-duty light is on. When you are on board a taxi in Naples, you must provide the driver with the specific address of your destination.

Travel with more people

Officially 4 people are allowed in a taxi, but there is also a need for sufficient space for suitcases. If you have a lot of luggage you will probably need two taxis. In this case it is better to request a 7-seater taxi.

Traveling at night

Traveling by taxi at night is often the fastest and safest option. You pay extra for night service: € 3 between 22 and 6 in the morning.

How to pay the taxi ride

You can pay the taxi ride in cash or by credit card. If you pay cash, do not forget to tip.

Release of taxi receipts

At the request of the user it is mandatory to issue a payment receipt with no tax value, as well as a model authorized by the Municipality of Naples. The taxi driver is not allowed to issue types of receipts other than those authorized by the Municipality of Naples. Any non-compliance can be sanctioned, upon user's notification, in accordance with the current Regulation. The receipt, on the other hand, is mandatory, in the case of a pre-determined fare ride to be issued before the start of the race.

The predetermined rates

The predetermined rates, on pre-established routes, both urban and suburban, are inclusive of any extra charge (from / to airport, night, holiday, luggage, animals). Rates are valid for the whole day (24 hours on weekdays and holidays).

The application of the predetermined rates indicated on the rate card must be requested by the user at the start of the race and without the possibility of refusal by the taxi driver, who must, before departure, issue a duly completed receipt indicating the route chosen by user and the amount established in the rate card.

"F0.00" is displayed on the taximeter display for this service. The predetermined rate is applied for the total number of passengers on board the taxi.

The tariff currently in Italian and English, it must be clearly displayed on the back of the car's front seat to allow the user to freely choose one of the two fare systems before the start of the race.

Third parties (hotels, travel agencies, maritime transport companies, etc.) are also allowed to enter into agreements with taxi cooperatives or directly with license holders, special agreements for the purpose of regulating the service for their customers and for the transmission or booking the calls of the races at predetermined rates. In these agreements, no additional costs may be charged to users or third parties that exceed the ordinary and / or predetermined rates themselves.


  • Before getting into a taxi, memorize the 4-digit number (CP) shown on both the taxi car and inside the cockpit; you'll be able to identify the taxi driver of the race in case of forgetfulness of objects on board the taxi or in case of improper behavior of the taxi driver himself. I advise you to always travel at a predetermined rate wherever possible. Doing this gives you the opportunity never to doubt the taxi driver you meet and to live your taxi ride in a serene and quiet. If you need to take a taxi from your hotel ask at reception, almost all hotels in Naples have agreements with the taxi consortiums and who has the license.