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Ristoranti Napoli


Generally, when you travel you are looking for real experiences that can let you feel how the people live in the countries or the cities you are visiting.

One of the key aspects for travelers is the eating good food. Especially in a country like Italy, famous worldwide for their delicatessens and the wines.

What are my advices to those who come to Naples?

Clearly eat some good pizza, but also…

  1. Eat typical Neapolitan cuisine

  2. Eating in a star rated Michelin restaurant

  3. Eating in a gourmet restaurant

  4. Eating in a restaurant facing the sea


An obligatory stop you must do in a typical restaurant. I recommend you to try:


Via Alfonso d’Aragona, 21, Naples

Price range: From 30 to 60 euros per person

A lot of famous Hollywood stars have eaten here during the years, and the pics hangings on the walls are proofs of that.

The cuisine it is classic and tasty with a menu both of fish and meat.

The cuisine is also a hymn to the city: Recipes of sea and land elaborated according to the most classic Neapolitan tradition. An obligatory stop for those who pass through Naples!


Via Campodisola, 4, Naples

Price Range: From 40 to 50 euros per person

Since 1852 this family owned pizzeria-restaurant offers amazing local cuisine. Menu both meat and fish.


Traversa Pietravalle, 62, Naples

Price Range: from 25–35 euros per person

This restaurant is a place where time seems to had stopped. The walls are packed with old objects from the past, the music is one hundred percent Italian and the food is the traditional Neapolitan one.



If you are craving fancy food instead, Naples would not disappoint you.  

In the Region there are forty-one Michelin restaurants according to the Michelin Guide 2018. Six with two stars and thirty-five with one star. In Naples there are tree of them with one Michelin star.

You just have to book and live the starry experience!


Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45, Napoles

Price Range: From 75 to 200 euros per person

Located on the top floor of the futuristic Romeo Hotel, the view from the restaurant will amaze you.

The kitchen is known for the sophisticated simplicity and the refined presentations of the dishes. Everything is wisely accompanied by fascinating gastronomic rituals and sophisticated service.


Via Posillipo 16 B/C, Naples

Prince Range: From 60 to 150 euros per person

In 2016 this gourmet restaurant moved to the city center to the beautiful view of the Posillipo coast.

Here, you can enjoy the taste and smell of the food and look out to the horizon, listening to the sound of the sea: a unique experience that has to be experienced to be understood.

The old-faithfuls include lasagna with buffalo mozzarella and marinated prawns, paccheri (tube pasta) filled with ricotta cheese and meat sauce, and creamy pastiera dessert.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele 141, Naples

Prince Range: From 50 a 100 euros per person

This welcoming restaurant is the talk of the town, with its stylish yet casual minimalist decor and excellent service. But the highlight here is the chef Gianluca D’Agostino who skillfully creates reinterpretations of typical Neapolitan dishes. These are simple yet impressive, offering diners traditional flavors with an imaginative twist.



Even without a Michelin star, the quality of the other restaurants are really high. The Gourmet restaurants offer excellent cuisine, most of the time with a fantastic view of the city and the coast.


Via Partenope 45, Naples

Price Range: From 60 to 120 euros per person

In the city there are many roof gardens, but Caruso is one of the most prestigious restaurants for attendance and panoramic views. On the menu some international cuisine, and typical Neapolitan dishes, both of meat and fish.

The restaurant offers a splendid panorama over the Gulf of Naples. It is dedicated to Enrico Caurso who made the Vesuvius his Neapolitan home, the restaurant is a homage to the musical legend but moreover to his great culinary passion.


Vicoletto Cappella Vecchia, 4, Naples

Price Range: From 60 to 140 euros per person

Diego Dale is the soul of this restaurant. The raw material, of the first choice, is transformed into raw dishes and in lightened interpretations of the Neapolitan fish kitchen. Also, excellent the dishes from the Campania Region. The service it is always attentive.


Via Filangieri 16/C, Naples

Price Range: From 50 to 100 euros per person

Situated along Naples' main luxury shopping street, Sancta Sanctorum is a new, fashionable restaurant situated on several floors, from the ground-floor CruBar, to the attractive restaurant serving modern cuisine (with a famous name behind it) on the first floor, and the terrace right at the top, all of which offer an excellent selection of wines. Definitely the talk of the town!



Naples is a seaside town: for this reason there is no better experience to do in this city than to eat by the sea, admiring the beautiful landscape of the Gulf.

Besides offering excellent food and an amazing view I would suggest these two restaurants also because they are romantic and you don’t want to miss them!


Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro, 32

Price Range: From 40 to 100 euros per person

Whether it's a lunch or a candlelight dinner Cicciotto in Marechiaro remains one of the best restaurants in Naples for the price. They offer you a delicate cuisine with fresh ingredients.


Borgo Marinaro 1, Naples

Price Range: From 40 to 100 euros per person

Zi Teresa is located in one of the most beautiful scenery of Naples, at the foot of the majestic Egg Castel.

It is the meeting point for those who love to eat well: every occasion is good to enjoy a Mediterranean menu with intense scents, the most refined delicacies but also a great pizza.