Naples’ nightlife is always active alive and eccentric. Every neighborhood lives on his own at the rhythm of music, bars open until sunrise and great spot where to grab a bite.

In the Campania Region you can find several clubs where party all night with people from around the world.

Let’s start our personal trip around Naples’ nightlife together.




The historic city center is the place where you want to be at night for having a great night with cheap prices. Bellini Square is one of the most famous squares for its nightlife and is a meeting point for the younger generations of Neapolitan.


Below you will find a list of local pubs, bar and discotheques.




These two small clubs are located near Bellini Square and they offer various kind of events with different music tones. The Alterego is free of charge, the entrance at the Gallery 19 instead varies according to the event.



S. Sebastiano St connects Bellini Square to the old city center, a spot full of fast food and bars, where to eat and have fun with great drinks and music.

Among these, the most important it’s the ZTL Lounge bar, where you can taste the best sangria in town, a good selection of wines and unique cocktails in a modern space.



O' Barett is a small lounge bar, located in Saint Chiara St, where you can dance, listen to good music and choose from a wide range of special shots. The peculiarity of the place is the menu, presented on the counter with pictures and descriptions of the shots.



Greenwich is an English pub located near via S. Chiara that on weekends turns into a disco-bar, where people can dance and drink in good company. It’s the perfect spot to understand the party spirit of city.



The Toma is a small club located in front of the Greenwich pub that organize dancing evenings, parties and Erasmus events for international students. On the weekends the place plays to the rhythm of Latin music and access to the lounge bar is free of charge.



The Vida is a small lounge bar recently opened. The perfect place for whom loves to drink a beer while listening to good rap or international rocks. Also, in the bar you can find some musical instruments (mainly guitars) that can be with the played consent of the owner.





El Krella is one of the most popular lounge bars in the old city center due to its affordable prices and the location near Orientale University. At El Krella you can dance, drink and party until late night. Next to it you can also find several other lounge bars characterized by different kind of music.



The Kestè, located near the Orientale University, is a landmark for the younger generations that frequent the city center. Here, you can sit at the tables and chat with friends, but also dance while sipping a cold beer.

The Kestè often organizes theme nights, hosts famous Neapolitan DJs and organizes jam sessions with bands and emerging musicians.


Mensa Occupata – Federico II

The Mensa occupata is a university cafeteria located in via Mezzocannone, occupied and reopened by students and workers in 2012. Born as a social center, it organize weekly events free of charge like parties and presentations with famous guests.


Naples is a perpetually moving city, full of nightclubs hosting great events and exclusive theme nights. There is something for every taste: Hip hop music lovers, exclusive evenings, commercial music lovers, reggae ton, reggae or electronic music lovers. In this wonderful city you can find everything you wished for.


Here, a list of the most famous places in Naples for dance.



The Arenile is a unique location, located on the seashore and busy both day and night.

In the morning it organizes brunch, pool party and many other wonderful events. At night, it hosts concerts and DJ sets of international DJ like Sven Vath and Sebastian Ingrosso.

Every Wednesday during the summer the club hosts one of the busiest evenings in Naples called “Black on the Beach” with a selection of Hip hop, R'n'B and Reggae ton.


The event is organized by a famous Neapolitan DJ of African origins who promote their passion through music in a spacious and welcoming location. It hosted rapper and singer as Snoop Dogg, Seran, Chris Brown, Shaggy, Daddy Yankee, and many more.


Be ware: to access the Arenale you are required to show your ID.



The Hbtoo is a new club, that in a short time has already become popular in the Neapolitan mundane life. The main selection is commercial music and it’s the perfect spot for who wants a glamorous type of evening.



The Duel Beat is a popular club during the winter, thanks to its two large floors with  different genres of music, like commercial, Latin and house music. The Duel often hosts national and internationally renowned artists for DJ sets or concerts.



The Club Partenopeo is very popular in Naples during the summer, as it is very spacious, with a good outdoor and equipped with comfortable sofas and sun beds where to relax. The club hosts commercial music and often the entrance is selected.



The PalaPartenope Theater complex dates back to 1975 and can host more than 6,000 people.

Every year it hosts a series of events as concerts, shows, sports competitions and much more. For these events the club is consider temple, and it’s famous in all southern Italy.

The complex is divided into three parts:  Palapartenope Theater, the House of Music and the Off Club. The three sections have the same purpose, but they have different sizes.


OFF CLUB — House of Music Federico the First

The Off Club is pretty small, but allows young people to express themselves organizing  art shows, dance performances, plays, visual arts, and more.



The Palapartenope is easily reachable with public transport. From the old town, you have to reach the Piazza Garibaldi central station and from there take the train that leads to Fuorigrotta.

You can also take the same train from Montesanto, near Piazza Dante.

To get to Montesanto you can take the Metro line 2 to Piazza Cavour, or just walk. At Montesanto station or in Piazza Garibaldi you need to take the Cumana. To get to the location you need to get off at the stop “Edenlandia” and take a short walk before arriving at your destination.



On this website you can find all the information you need concerning events, dates and ticket at the Theater


If you want to spend some relaxing time the rooftop bars are the perfect spot for both day and night. Sipping an aperitif in the sunlight or the moonlight, exchanging a chat with friends or with your partner while you are enjoying a breathtaking view. Do you need something more?


Below is the list of the best rooftop bar in Naples.



The Grand Hotel Parker is one of the most elegant hotels in Naples. It hosts the Bidder's Bar, a very charming roof garden with a lovely view. Choose the hotel to enjoy a happy hour with friends or with your partner.



On the Royal Continental rooftop terrace are regularly organized happy hour by the pool. The Pool bar offers fresh fruit juices, cocktails and a wide range of snacks. The bar is famous for the numerous happy hours and night events offered by the hotel with exceptional guests.



The bar of the Hotel Paradiso is located on a marvelous terrace, from which you can enjoy the wonderful view overlooking the Gulf of Naples. During the warm months there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the view sipping a fresh cocktail or a glass of wine chosen from the wide selection that the bar has to offer, in a romantic and suggestive place.

It’s especially recommended for couples who prefer places less crowded and more reserved.



The pool bar of the S. Francesco Al Monte Hotel is born as an ancient vineyard of the convent that used to be located on the seventh floor, subsequently adapted and set up with a swimming pool and a bar.


The place is very impressive as it offers an unparalleled view. The bar unfortunately closes in the late afternoon but it is worth a visit during the day to enjoy the immense panorama while tasting an ice cream, or smoothies.



An elegant bar located on the ninth floor of the Romeo Hotel with a breathtaking view it’s the ideal place to spend a pleasant evening with friends and family having an amazing Italian happy hour.

The bar is adjacent to the swimming pool and offers a restaurant service for lunch with traditional Italian flavors and also a rich breakfast buffet.



Mergellina is the area located at the bottom of the Posillipo Hill. During the night the neighborhood is very suggestive, both for the presence of the lit Egg castle and the main attractions that animate the streets.


Below are the places to party at night at Mergellina:



Borgo Marinari is the ancient village of the city where the Egg Castle is located.


A suggestive seashore citadel where relive the history of Partenope, accompanied by the sound of the waves. The village is full of bars, restaurants and clubs where to spend a funny evening or have a drink. One of them is “Le bar” an American bar equipped with hookahs.



The Chalet Ciro is one of the most famous chalets in Naples. Open until late night is the perfect spot for having a drink or grab a late night bite of ice cream, smoothies, fresh fruit, granite, sfogliatella, and more!



The Rose Chalet is another famous Neapolitan chalet, frequented by young people especially during the night. The ideal spot for relaxing by the sea and in the meantime  sipping an excellent smoothie or a drink, until late night.



The Vanilla Cafè is a modern and suggestive lounge bar situated on the seafront of Naples. A perfect and scenic place to spend an evening at the rhythm of music, savoring delicious appetizers and drinking delicious cocktails. 



The Vomero district is a residential and uneventful neighborhood in the evening. There are not many clubs or nightclubs but there are many disco pubs and breweries where you can spend pleasant evenings in quiet.


The busiest area of the district is  Anumara Falcone St, where there are many lounge bars that remain open until late. Also, if you want to spend a romantic evening you must visit S. Martino, the panoramic point of the neighborhood, from which to admire a breathtaking scenery.


Here the best places in the Vomero district for a night to remember:





Hades is a pub where you can drink while listening to great live music and tribute nights. Numerous events are dedicated emerging bands, while tasting the dishes of the excellent cuisine or sipping excellent cocktails.





The Vintage is an exclusive wine bar located in one of the main squares of the Vomero district. The perfect place to entertain yourself during a happy hour or a dinner. The room includes one ballroom and the prices are accessible to all. Here you can taste an immense variety of wines, listening to excellent music and dancing on famous revival music.



The Historical Archive is a quite literary cafe perfect for anyone who wants to spend a different evening between food, good wine and traditional Neapolitan coffee.



The Fonoteca was born as a record store, in the center of the Vomero district. It is currently one of the most popular meeting places in the city. Here you can taste great beers and cocktails while listening to good music. The main theme of the venue is music, so here you can find vinyls, headphones and a space to enjoy live music.



The Flame is one of the most famous  lounge bar of the Neapolitan nightlife. It presents itself small and with a modern design that allows an exclusive experience. A perfect spot for a happy hour or a dancing evening.



The one is a famous lounge bar located in one of the most charming and chic areas of Naples. This place is exclusive thanks to its design and the comfortable sofas that characterize it. A perfect place to have a chat with friends, sipping an excellent cocktail.




The Ruin was born as a place of aggregation and cultural exchanges. A dynamic and innovative environment with a singular design, offering an infinite number of services. Here, you can play table games, drink, chat, watch a movie, play video games, listen to live music or participate in the events proposed.



The Chiaia district is a rich neighborhood featuring several clubs, restaurants and lounge bars. This district at night lights up and becomes one of the most important centers of Neapolitan nightlife and it’s frequented by celebrities of all kinds.


Here where to go for a night to remember.



The Moove is one of the trendiest bars in Naples. Here the drinks cost twice than regular bars because of its renowned location. Anyway, it’s worth spending a little more as here you can dance on the famous DJ's notes and drink top quality cocktails until late at night.




The Occhi Occhi Oh is one of the most famous clubs in Naples. A unique place that allows free access to all those who choose to let themselves be pampered by unbridled luxury. A disco club where you can taste the dishes of a fusion kitchen, served on a table that represents the belt of Hermes. It is also possible to request a cigar accompanied by an excellent cognac with a pleasant background music.

The perfume use in the club is the famous “Chanel N °5”.



If you prefer a glass of wine and a quiet evening, you can choose the Enoteca Belledonne. A chic and quiet place to spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends, sipping excellent wine.



The 66 is a popular lounge bar in the Chiaia area. A modern bar located in one of the most popular streets of Neapolitan nightlife. The 66 offers excellent music, quality wine, special cocktails and a truly evocative atmosphere, made ideal also thanks to the many theme nights and the DJ sets organized inside.



For who prefers a more intimate evening, this is the place to be. A background of jazz music accompanies every course and every room of the club tells a story. Moreover Le Stanze have a large outdoor space where to smoke and chat.





Naples has a great interest in the LGBT community and for the defense of their rights. Naples was indeed the first Italian City to register a child with a same-sex couple and to host a gay pride annually.


Naples fights against discrimination on a daily basis and promotes gender equality and the rights of the LGBT community. It also houses an Acreage headquarters that allows promoting the community.




The Mamada is an organization of gay-themed nights dominating in the Neapolitan environment. These evenings are frequented by people free to live their identity and sexuality without preconceptions. The organization prefers a pop music selection, accompanied by grotesque performances. During the evening there are always many surprises, including a free lollipop at the entrance: the symbol of The Mamada.


For information about the premises and the evenings organized by “La Mamada” consult the Facebook page:



Anatema is a project that was born in 2013 with the idea to create a welcoming space in which various realities meet and in which there is no distinction of any kind: gender, age, ethnicity or religion. The events develop on the basis of a main theme that is topical, general culture or provocation in which the public is called to participate actively through any expressive form. Music varies from pop music to revival, from rap to Eurodance.