Eating in Naples

Eating for the Neapolitans is a fundamental activity in their lives. Food is sacred and cooking well, respecting traditions is a fundamental condition. Naples is known worldwide for its pizza. But, Naples is not just pizza. Neapolitan products are many and the quality is excellent.

Eating in Naples is for everyone. Do not believe it's always cheap. I would make a serious mistake if I told you that Naples is cheap. There are cheap products, yes, but others are refined and expensive.

The same applies to restaurant facilities.

You can spend very little eating on the street, but you can also have lunch or dinner in restaurants whose menu is strictly based on fresh fish, in others that they offer you good food as well as spectacular views, but you also have the chance to experience a luxury experience with various restaurants awarded with the famous Michelin star.

Telling which ones are the best is a difficult task. In Naples you can eat well anywhere, regardless of your budget.

What you pay is not only the product you eat, but also, and above all, the experience you experience.

Always remember when you decide where to eat. Naples is a city that can satisfy superfine palates and special requests.

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