Driving in Naples

If you can drive in Naples, you can drive anywhere. Indeed yes.

Driving in Naples, for those not used to the city can be difficult and stressful.

The traffic, some road arteries undergoing reconstruction and others in a state of instability, the scooters that whiz to your right, to your left and come out from everywhere, lead to great stress on the part of the driver.

Therefore, I recommend to those who decided to get to Naples by car or rent one to visit the city to be very cautious and to pay the utmost attention. But it all ends here.

If you think that Naples is just "pizza and mandolin" or a city where you do not respect the traffic lights and all drive scooters without a helmet, well, you're off the track. And your idea is very far from reality.

The purpose of this portal is to promote tourism and give information to those who decide to visit Naples and therefore I will not be here to explain the reasons why we always tend to discredit the image of Naples.

What I can guarantee is that the problems of driving the car in the city are to be compared to any Italian city!