Royal Palace of Caserta

Located at the entrance of the city center, the Palace is directly connected to the railway station as well as with the Highway “Autostrada del Sole” Caserta Nord exit.

If you are planning to visit it from June to October, I suggest you also to take the evening excursion called “Light Paths” very beautiful and suggestive.

The classic visit it’s divided in two parts: one where you discover the apartments and one dedicated to the Royal gardens.

Historical Apartments

The best way to take a visit of the apartments it’s to arrive early in the morning and enjoy with the sunlight the various halls, the majestic staircase decorated with marble lions from Carrara, the libraries, and the chambers of the rulers with Louis XVI style furnishings and paintings.

Royal Gardens

Leaving the building, heading towards the left side, you will see first the Castelluccia, a place used by kings as recreation. Then, you will encounter the great Fish pond with swans and a lovely central islet until you reach the main boulevard with its “Fontana di Eolo” that marks the entrance to the most scenic part of the park.

To those who don’t like to walk, there is several options for enjoy the park. You can rent a bike for being independent, choose a carriage or decide to wait for the local shuttle that running every 20/30 minutes and reach the main fountain underneath the stunning waterfall at the top of the garden.

English Garden

Once you enter the English garden you will fell that you entered a really surreal place. Maybe, the most beautiful part of the Royal Park. With a side entrance, it is the home of more than 100 species among plants and shrubs, and has a fairy tale pond of water lilies.

You feel like you are crossing a Victorian garden full of magic and silence.

The Bath of Venus

The surprises at the Caserta Royal Palace are various, but the most suggestive one is represented by this hidden place.

Inside the English garden, in fact, through a secluded pathy ou can reach a more intimate corner, where a statue depicting Venus bathes demure near a small waterfall. You will be amazed by the beauty of the sculpture combined with the enchantment of the Oasis that hosts it. I recommend you try to make this visit on a sunny day, to wear comfortable shoes and not to forget your camera.

The Criptoportico

Behind the bath of Venus you will find a beautiful representation of an ancient temple in ruins with walls of tuff. The site is decorated with eleven statues transported from Pompeii and the Farnese collection, the floor is made of colored marbles and there are numerous fake cracks and fractures of the vault.

Alle spalle del Bagno di Venere troverete una bella rappresentazione di un antico tempio in rovina, con pareti di tufo in cui si aprono nicchie e opus reticolatum romano. Il sito è decorato da undici statue trasportate da Pompei e dalla collezione Farnese, il pavimento è fatto di marmi colorati a tassello e vi sono numerose finte crepe e fratture della volta. Sono sicura che vi lascerà a bocca aperta.

Completata la visita della reggia, se desiderate una sosta gourmet, proseguite verso la stazione treni e quindi imboccate Via Verdi. A poche centinaia di metri troverete uno dei migliori ristoranti di Caserta, la “Locanda Battisti”.

After completing the visit of the palace, if you want a gourmet stop, continue towards the train station and then take Verdi Street. After a few hundred meters you will find one of the best restaurants in Caserta: the “Locanda Battisti”.


The medieval fortified village of Casertavecchia is located about 10 kilometers away from Caserta. You can reach the village with a bus that leaves from the city every hour. The Village's outdoor terraces offer a beautiful panoramic view over the city, with views of the Vanvitelliana Palace, Vesuvius and the islands of the Gulf of Naples. The town center is dominated by the cathedral whose construction dates back to 1100DC. Crossing the village’s alleyways you plunge into an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

The Casertavecchia Cathedral

The Cathedral, located in the bishopric square, is dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, and it presents three naves with Romanesque-Gothic style. Despite the different break-in suffered over time, the interior offers an elegant setting in its simplicity.

Where to grab a bit near the Cathedral

In front of the Duomo is located a restaurant that I recommend for its beauty and the excellence of the cuisine: Mastrangelo

Instead, if you stay more than one day in this peculiar village you can also take a walk into the old Town and stop in one of the various bars of Ferrante Street for a tasty happy hour. If you are craving a fish dinner instead book a table at the “Antica Camasso” restaurant.


Last but not least, you can visit the Planetarium, just within walking distance from the old town and the train station. You will embark in a virtual journey through space to discover eleven moons, guided from a passionate and competent teacher.

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