Capodichino International Airport

I decided to write this section of the website in order to help you when you arrive at Capodichino International Airport in Naples or when you are leaving the city to discover other parts of Italy.

In 2017, Capodichino International Airport won the award for Best Airport in Europe (for airports that have 5 to 10 million passengers per year). It is a very modern and organized airport, even for the disabled. It's served by most Italian airlines, such as Alitalia and Meridiana, but also the low-cost airlines, such as EasyJet, Ryanair, Volotea, and Vueling. If you are an EU citizen, getting to Naples is easier and cheaper than ever thanks to the wide variety of low-cost options. If you are flying on an international flight, please keep in mind: Meridiana offers a direct flight to Naples from New York City, and the Russian company S7 Airlines offers a direct flight from Moscow.

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