Accessible tourism

Naples, a city that has always been very welcoming. As a “young” city from a tourist point of view, Naples has recently started a path aimed at improving the accommodation to make its beauties accessible to all.

When you're booking the accommodation I recommend you to check the accessibility and to contact the hotel directly to organize your best stay in Naples.

Many associations in Naples are engaged in accessible tourism, welcoming people with disabilities and guiding towards routes facilitated for their specific needs. It is not by chance that Naples is considered the city of hospitality and human warmth.

There are many associations and institutions that are interested in disabled tours. They make available minibus with ramp, wheelchairs and motor, interpreters for deaf and the possibility to carry out tactile routes.

One of the associations that is doing excellent work is called Cosy For You – Accessible tourism for all, a tourist organization founded in 2008 that makes tours accessible to all people with disabilities. Tourists can choose from at least 70 itineraries in Italian or other languages.